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The Art of Venice

On the Papers

On the Papers

Jacopo Sansovino.
Madonna del Parto.
Rome, Sant'Agostino, 1512.

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The Papers

The Lovely 5-page [sic] Paper

This paper, as described in class, is to be on one of the early 16th-century portraits we discussed in class. You may also choose one we did not look at, but it needs to date to about the period 1500-1525 and be from one of the artists from the general group of Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Sebastiano del Piombo, or Palma Vecchio. You will run across others, but it will do you the most good to pick a relatively well-known painting.

Note that students who are asking for Writing Credit need to produce a finished paper of at least 7 (seven) pages.

The paper needs to be written in the standard semi-research style. Yes, you will need to use footnotes. Also:

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