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The Art of Venice

Course Lectures and Schedule

Course Lectures and Schedule

Venice in the Snow.
Looking towards the Piazzetta with the Palazzo Ducale and the Libreria

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Lecture Schedule

N. B.:In terms of the readings, you should begin the Brown book immediately and finish it as soon as possible. Readings from the Steer book are noted below, but you would be well-advised to read through this as soon as possible. Please note that circumstances may require some adjustments to this schedule.

Week I: January 15-17

  1. Introduction to the City and Early History
  2. Venice and Byzantium
  3. The Church of San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale

Brown, Chapter One: "Venezianita': the Otherness of Venetians." [Proceed to read the rest of the book]
Steer, Chapter One: "The Trecento and the early fifteenth century."
Also: Italo Furlan, ed. Venezia e Bisanzio Milan, 1974. For the plates. On reserve in Richter Library.

Week II: January 20-24

  1. International Gothic: Venice and the Veneto
  2. Early 15th-century painting in Venice: before the Bellini

Steer, Chapter Two: "The Early Renaissance in Venice."

Week III: January 28-January 31

Reading: Patricia Fortini Brown, Venetian Narrative Painting in the Age of Carpaccio, 1988: 99-123. On reserve in Richter Library.

Reading: Rona Goffen, Giovanni Bellini: 191-221. On reserve in the Art Library. Also: Rona Goffen, "Icon and Vision: Giovanni Bellini's Half-Length Madonnas", Art Bulletin, vol. LVII (1975): 487518.

Week IV: February 4-7

Readings: Deborah Howard, The Architectural History of Venice. Chapter 5: "Early Renaissance": 102-135. On reserve.
Margaret Plant, "Mauro Codussi: the Presence of the Past in Venetian Renaissance Architecture." Arte Veneta, XXXVIII (1984): 9-22.

Here is a small Web site on Early Venetian Architecture Still in progress.

The First Paper Due

Week V: February 11-14

Readings: Steer, Chapter Three: "The Venetian High Renaissance."

Also: Jennifer Fletcher, "Patronage in Venice." The Genius of Venice: 16-20. Please also look over this important exhibition catalogue on 16th-century Venetian Art.

[A list of the art covered from these lectures.]

Week VI: February 18-22

Reading: Charles Hope, "'Poesie' and Painted Allegories." The Genius of Venice, pp 35-37. On Reserve.

Reading: Philip Fehl, The Worship of Bacchus and Venus in Bellini's and Titian's Bacchanals for Alfonso d'Este." Studies in the History of Art vol. 6 (1974): 37-95.

Week VII: February 25-28

Readings: Steer, Chapter Four: "The Venetian Portrait."

Also: David Rosand, Painting in Cinquecento Venice : Chapter 2. On reserve in Richter Library.

Also: Lino Moretti: "Portraits", in The Genius of Venice, 32-34.


Week VII: March 1-3

Readings: Rona Goffen, "Lotto's Lucretia." Renaissance Quarterly, vol. 52 (1999), 742-781.

Rona Goffen, "Titian's Sacred and Profane Love: Individuality and Sexuality in a Renaissance marriage picture." Titian 500: proceedings of the symposium: 121-144.

Rona Goffen, "Renaissance Dreams." Renaissance Quarterly, vol. 40 (1987),682-706.

Readings: Elisabeth G. Gleason, review of: Holly S. Hurlburt. The Dogaressa of Venice, 1200-1500: Wife and Icon. Renaissance Quarterly vol. 60, no. 3 (2007) 904-905.

(More to come!)

Week VIII: March 7-10


Week IX: March 8-16

Also: Wolfgang Lotz, "The Roman Legacy in Sansovino's Venetian Buildings." JSAH: XXII (1963): 3-12. On reserve in Richter Library.

Wolfgang Lotz, from his Architecture in Italy : 1500-1600, rev. ed. of 1995 : 64-75 (Falconetto and Sanmicheli in Verona); 83-88 (Sansovino).

Week X:

Ackerman, Palladio. Read it all.

Also: James Ackerman, "Palladio's Villas and their Predecessors." From his The Villa : Form and Ideology of Country Houses: 89-107.

Week XI:

Ackerman, Palladio. Finish.

Week XII

  1. Sixteenth-Century Venetian Sculpture
  2. Titian II

Steer, Chapter Five: "The latter half of the sixteenth century."

Also: B. Boucher and A. Radcliffe, "Sculpture" from The Genius of Venice : 1500-1600 : 355-391 (This is mostly photos).


Readings: David Rosand: Painting in Cinquecento Venice, 1982 : 145-218. On reserve in Richter Library.

Paolo Veronese Before the Inquisition in Venice

Norman Land, "Poetic License" from his The Potted Tree: Essays in Venetian Art, 57-70.

Steer, Chapter Six : "The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries."

Also: Rudolph Wittkower, "S. Maria della Salute: Scenographic Architecture and the Venetian Baroque." JSAH XVI (1957) : 3-10. On reserve in Richter Library.

Friday, April 25--Last Day of Class


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