On the Bibliographies

Each Life on this Web site comes with a brief bibliography of the artist. These will be found linked to the biography at the upper left corner, accompanied usually by a photograph of one of their works. For the major, or at least more researched artists, the coverage will be confined to major new titles, exhibition catalogues, and studies related to Vasari's study. For the less well-known artists, the coverage will be much broader.

This page contains a listing of sources for Giorgio Vasari and his writings. Works specifically on his art will not be included at this point, except for when they also include consideration of him as a writer. Also for now, these will be listed alphabetically by author.

There is also a page for sources for Vasari's Libro dei Disegni containing also miscellaneous Vasari topics.

Online Editions of the Vite

Follow the link above to a list of currently available online editions and a sometimes querulous and always evolving discussion of Vasari online.

On Giorgio Vasari and the Lives

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