Vasari's Libro de'Disegni Studies

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Vasari's Libro de'Disegni Online Illustrations

Allegorical Scene (attributed by Vasari to Carpaccio). The British Museum.

A study of hands. Drawings now given to Raffaellino del Garbo; mount by Vasari. The British Museum.

Risen Christ by Raffaellino del Garbo; mount by Vasari. The British Museum. 

Drawing possibly part of the Libro de'Disegni. The British Museum.

Botticelli drawing possibly part of the Libro de'Disegni. The British Museum.

Drawing by Francesco Ferrucci, with at least a portion of the mount. Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

National Gallery of Art: a page from the Libro de'Disegni.

The Flaying of Marsyas by Lo Schiavone. From the Libro de' Disegni. Published by: ICONOS: Cattedra di Iconografia e Iconologia del Dipartmento di Storia dell'arte della facolta' di Scienze Umanistiche dell'Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza."

A Giorgio Vasari Miscellany

The Lives of the Great Artists (Selections). CD, 6 discs. Read by Neville Jason. From Naxos Audiobooks (NA691012).

Lives of the Artists. Read by Nadia May. Called an "Audio", released 2006. There appear to three "volumes" of this, whatever that might mean. No other information.

Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance. Giorgio Vasari has an important supporting role. This is part of the five part documentary. While some of the artistic accuracy is a bit dodgy, one of the series' attributes is the creator's use of actors who like almost exactly like the portraits of their characters. The fellow playing Lorenzo de'Medici is especially spooky in his close resemblance to Vasari's portrait.

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