A Brief Bibliography

Titles are in order by date of publication. The artist seems more often named as Galasso di Matteo Piva. Note: "It seems probable, as Morelli first suggested, that two different artistic personalities are confused under the name of Galasso: an earlier painter, who may be the author of the Trinita, signed with a double G, in the pinacoteca at Ferrara, and the Adoration of the Magi, with a similar signature, belonging to Mr. Stogdon at Harrow; and Galasso di Matteo Piva, who worked for the Ferrarese court from 1449 to 1453." Source: Gardner, Painters of the School of Ferrara. Thorough discussion of the issues of identity and production of Galasso. Also an excellent bibliography.

Tarot History. A blog on tarot card design Disorganized, no bibliography, but lots of illustrations and a few references to Galasso.

Emanuele Mattaliano. La collezione Costabili. Venice, 1998, p. 34, no. 3, ill. p. 177, referring to the Madonna and Child with the Donor, Pietro de' Lardi, Presented by Saint Nicholas, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

La critica d'arte e la pittura ferrarese. By Corrado Padovani, 1954. Google Book link.

Arthur M. Hind. Early Italian Engraving. London 1938. An apparently basic resource about G.G. as a designer of tarot cards.

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The Adoration of the Magi. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. (See Note above)


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