Leonardo Da Vinci

A Brief Bibliography

Titles are listed by date of publication. These are a fraction of the existing work, but I hope that they may be useful themselves and lead to other studies. (Leonardo seems to have been the subject of a large number of what could charitably be called publications of mass appeal.)
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Note that these usually contain ads. Many of these sites are for museum exhibitions on Leonardo. Someone should write an article on the expansive terminology in museum publicity as exemplified by the shows dedicated to Leonardo.

Flights of Mind, Brought to Life. NYTimes essay on the 2009 exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop”, by Edward Rothstein.

Leonardo da Vinci Master Draftsman. Web site for an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture: Inspiration and Invention. Web site for the exhibition at thr Getty center in Santa Monica (aka Malibu).

Short video on the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci: Hand of Genius". "I'm convinced may be by..."

Leonardo da Vinci show visitor numbers to be capped. From the BBC, 9 May 2011. (Why is this news?)

Here an annotated listed of online videos. These are from Youtube, and so may disappear.

Leonardo da Vinci. From the History Channel. Lots of emphasis on the violence and instability of the period: so unlike ours. Repeats spurious story of Verrocchio giving up painting after seeing Leonardo's angel in the Baptism. It's "Patzi" not "Pazzy" (the narrator is evidently not Italian, although he speaks with an accent, as there are several other infelicities of pronunciation). The model for Cecelia Gallerani looks forty (more credit to Leonardo?). The information about the identity of the Mona Lisa is inaccurate--bad on the art historians. A secret self-portrait? Idiocy. Commentators include a neurologist and two military historians, giving a more balanced portrait of the artist (etc). Translations at the bottom of the screen are chopped off.

A & E Biography: Leonardo. I haven't seen this in quite a while, which may mean something. There used to be many A & Biography titles on youtube; the only ones currently available are those on serial killers and Celine Dion.

An animated vita. Very episodic.

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