A Brief Bibliography

Titles are in order by date of publication.

Bryson Burroughs. "The Acquisition of a Girolamo dai Libri." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin. Vol. 15, No. 6, (June, 1920): 137-139.

Girolamo dai Libri. From

Girolamo dai Libri at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Girolamo dai Libri drawing. God the Father with His Right Hand Raised in Blessing. Date unknown. National Gallery of Art, Washington.

The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. 1510/1518. National Gallery of Art, London.

Girolamo dai Libri: Madonna and Child with Saints, altarpiece.. 1520 circa. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nativity. Miniature. Girolamo dai Libri, 1515 circa. Gleveland Museum of Art.

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