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In our acre and a half organic garden, we grow the great majority of fresh produce we consume year-round. At the same time we learn about and research various sustainable food-growing techniques, ranging from Biodynamic French intensive to Permaculture. Interns become involved in all aspects of food production, from seed-saving, bed preparation and planting, to crop maintenance, harvest, use, and preservation, to composting, vermiculture, perennial-annual interplanting, and wild edible foraging. Readings, independent projects, guest lecturers, and field trips to various local farms and other sites supplement the`on-site' classes, discussions, and activities. This gives interns a basic foundation in ecological horticulture and allows for further exploration for those who already have experience. Homegrown organic food helps ground and connect us with one another and with the land, while at the same time nourishing our bodies.

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