Download Toccata and Fughetta

These fonts are currently available as shareware. You can download representative TrueType versions right here (each archive contains Toccata and Fughetta):

tocfug.sit.hqx (Mac versions - 108K) (Windows versions - 69K)

You can access all of the fonts' features, including printing, with the TrueType fonts alone, although the screen display at smaller sizes may not be perfect and these are not the very latest versions of the fonts. This allows you to sample the fonts and see whether you want to purchase them or not. If you decide to keep using the fonts, you should register them. When you register the fonts and pay the shareware fee, you will obtain the full package, with several bonus features.

Registered users receive the latest versions of the fonts in TrueType and PostScript formats, libraries, and more.

For the US$30 shareware fee, you will receive the following additional items:

The Full Package is available in Macintosh and Windows versions; please specify which you wish to order as these are sold separately. If you want both platforms, you can buy both at a package price of $40. I will email the files to you on receipt of your order, or, if you prefer, I will mail you a CD-R for only US$4.00 additional to cover postage and handling (US$8 for orders outside North America).

To order, email me, or place your order via PayPal.

Alternatively, you may arrange via email to send a personal check (US customers), International Money Order in US funds, or cash at your risk.

PayPal ordering:

Please be sure to select the platform you need fonts for.
If you are choosing to have media shipped to you, please select the appropriate shipping option.


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