Photos By Robert Larson, Copyrighted 2015, Eugene, Oregon.

Last revised July 10, 2017, all photos copyrighted (c) 2014, Robert J. Larson, Eugene, Oregon

I retired from law practice in early 2013. The following are some photos I took over the years or were taken of me.

Here I am in the center of Tyumen,Russia, a city of about 800,000 in Western Siberia. 2011.

Here I am with the granddaughter of my friend Zara in Moscow, July 2013.

Fariza, Her Uncle and Me at lunch at the Park Inn Hotel at Moscow's Sheremetyeva International Airport.

Standing at the Dascha outside of Tyumen, Siberia. July 2013

Flying from Moscow, Russia to Paris, July 2013.

Oregon Country Fair 2008. Colorful Candle Admirer, (c) (2008)

Boat at Sunset, Marin, California

Playing in the Surf, Seaside.

Grain Elevator in N.E. Oregon.

Shazam Sitting in the Window on a snowy day. B. 1994-Died Mar. 23, 2010.

The Central Oregon Coast.

Grain Elevator, eastern Oregon. Circa 1990s.

Southern Oregon Coast.

Oregon Ducks in Eugene.

Greetings to the Oregon Country Fair Meadow.

Dancing at the Fair!

Oregon Country Fair 2008, Dancing at the Drum Tower. (c) 2008.

Hula Hooping in the Meadow, 2007 Country fair!

Taking a walk at the fair and getting a little sun on the back!


Here I am visiting the Kremlin for the first time in 1997 outside the office of President Yeltzen.

Here I am with other members of the Public Defender office in 1977.

Here is a picture I took of President Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphry at the Democratic convention in Atlantic City, New Jersy, 1964.

My first girl friend, Chris. 1964, Portland. Still friends.

US Constitution.

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