Dear Friend,

I trust that you are enjoying the Fairyland. A year and a half of very enjoyable work has brought this site into its current state of being. It is still relatively unknown to all the people who may be looking for something like it on the Internet.

It was created purely with personal time and energy. The great reward is that after having been locked up in a vault for many decades, difficult to locate and seldom viewed, Opal Whiteley's book The Fairyland Around Us is relatively easily available and readily enjoyable by anyone with an Internet connection.

If you would like to help this effort succeed, one suggestion is to see to spreading the word a little, perhaps by doing one of the following:

Having done so, please consider your only potential obligation for having enjoyed this site met. For your time and energy, I am most grateful, and I know Opal would be quite grateful as well. Thank you!


David Caruso