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In the Woods, Part 3


Do you know -- four ways in which a Moth fairy differs from a Butterfly fairy? -- How a Toad takes a drink? -- Ten cousins of Daisy fairies? -- How many pairs of legs a full-grown insect has? -- What Mother and Father Robin give Baby Robins for breakfast, dinner, and supper? -- What the four stages in a Butterfly's life are? Who two of Bluebird's cousins are? Who seven of Blackberry's cousins are? What kind of a cradle Mother Oriole builds for Baby Orioles? Where Mother Nighthawk lays her eggs? How Crossbill's bill being crossed is of advantage to him? Why Nighthawks have such large mouths? What Toad and Frog do with their skins when they change them? Who three of the earliest Spring flowers near your home are? What Hummingbird fairies eat beside honey from the flowers? Where Mother Monarch Butterfly lays her eggs? Where Dragon Flies dwell before they grow up and have wings? Who are the Ants' Cows? Ten blue flowers? Five cousins of Sweet Pea? The legend of the Forget-me-not? What a Baby Caterpillar, who is going to be a Monarch Butterfly when he becomes grown up, first eats when he comes out of the egg shell? Who Leaf-miners are? What makes pop-balls? What color of flowers Hummingbird seems to like best? What two flowerless plants dwelling together form Lichen fairies? How a Spider differs from an insect? Thirty Wayside Fairies? Six different things a Toad feeds upon? What Muskrats like to eat? What time of the year Goldfinches nest? Where Cowbirds lay their eggs? What time of day the caterpillars of Silver Spot Butterflies feed? And what they feed upon? What time is Daytime for Flying Squirrels? Four fairies who tell us their names in their call notes? What the Swallows build their nests of? What time of year the Screech Owls nest? Six cousins of Buttercup? Five red flowers? Ten birds that are found about water? Three birds who will build in Bird Houses? Where Mother Chinook Salmon goes to lay her eggs? Where Mother Eel goes to lay her eggs? Six members of the Mint family? Four Birds who nest in the field? Eight birds who nest in the woods? Why Sulphur Butterflies hover about clover? What the Greek poet of long ago wrote about the Grasshopper? Robert Browning's verse about the Violet fairies? How Lupine fairies go to sleep? How Baby Milkweed seeds travel? About the cradle Father Stickleback Fish makes for the eggs in which are the Baby Sticklebacks to be? Two beautiful stories of the Water Lily's cousin, Lotus? Who calls "O-k-lee"? What Water Strider's scientific name is? Five Duck fairies? What pest Dragon Flies feed upon in the water and after they leave the water? What makes "frog spit"? What Mink feeds upon? Why Indian Pipe has no coloring matter? What takes place before the pink blossoms of Hound's Tongue turn blue? Give Evergreen trees? Four Bird fairies who come from the far North to stay during the whole of or a part of the winter? Who is the Bird fairy of Happiness? Who is the Bird fairy of Cheer?
Fifteen yellow fairies? Six bird fairies who wear the Joyous Blue? Six different kinds of flowerless plants? Whether Fern babies are Spore babies or Seed babies? What hatches from a Butterfly's egg? What hatches from a Spider's egg? What family Bob-o'-link belongs to? How Toad eggs differ from Frog eggs? What three of Mother Nature's instrumental musicians are? What fairy with a yellow throat wears a mask? Who mocks somebody else's song? Where to find Snail eggs? Fifteen plants who dwell near the water? What family Indian Pipe belongs to? Who are the Flowers of the Wind? How Mother Bat cares for Baby Bats? Who is the fairy Eurymedon? Who the Northern Twin-flowers were named for? What do Water Snakes feed upon? If Beetles are insects? If Water Tree fairies dwell near the water? How Cat-tail fairy babies travel? What Tree fairies have nuts? What Tree fairies have berries? Who are the Tree fairies who cradle their babies in nuts? What Tree fairies have pods? What Tree fairies have cones? What Birds eat grasshoppers? Who the Bird fairies are that nest upon the ground? What a Butterfly cradle is called? What kind of a home a Muskrat has? Where Baby Billy Owls are cradled? Who the drummer is who drums with his bill? Why the Whip-poor-will has scarcely no beak at all? Why the Heron's legs are long? What the call notes are of Cat-bird, Towhee, Chick-a-dee, Bob White, Wood Pewee and Bob-o'-link? Why the eggs of Woodpeckers and Owls are white instead of being speckled and splotched as are the eggs of many other birds? What is the difference in shape between the hind wings of Swallowtail and other Butterflies? Why the English Sparrow is not a desirable fairy? What fairy makes a cradle of the petals of the Everlasting flower? What fairy is fond of nettle for breakfast, dinner and supper? What the fuzzy black and brown Woolly Bear Caterpillar becomes when he grows up? Why the mates of bright colored birds are nearly always plain colored? How the clothing of Baby Birds in nests in trees differ from that of Baby Birds hatched on the ground? Twenty-nine fairy babies who have coats of feathers? What musician drums with his wings? Five flower fairies who dwell deep within the woods? Who the fairies are who build dams? Why Hummingbird, Swift and Swallow fairies have tiny legs and feet instead of long legs and strong feet, like Great Blue Heron, Egret and Black-necked Stilt? Of other fairies having legs and feet straightly developed or frail, according with their methods of getting food? What Sunshine Fairy likes the seeds of Sunflower? Who five cousins of Olive Tree are who dwell near water? Who the first paper-makers were? Ten members of the Fringilidae family? Where a Snail's eyes are? Where alfalfa came from? A fairy who builds an apartment house?

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