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Twilight, and then -- Night


So I love the early morning
When dawn comes adorning
These hills, these valleys, and these fields;
And night her tender shadows and darkness yields
Unto the coming of the dawn.
Slowly across the east a cloud floats along --
Here and yonder other birds break into song --
The mountains are tinged with glory --
The cloud floats on:
The sun comes o'er the hills
With tender wondrous beauty the valley fills --
And on the grass
Through which I pass
Glimmer and shimmer the jewels of dew.
I see them glisten as I listen
To the Earth-folk talking along the way --
So begins my day.
As thus I listen and lift my eyes to the blue
I feel deep, deep within me anew
The glory, the gladness,
The sweet and tender sadness
of God's good world.
In the early morning
There enters into my life
The strength and the peace of my beloved mountains.

I love the early morning.
I love it for many things --
For the pureness of the air,
For the joy in life here and there,
For the bird that early sings
And to my heart a lasting joy brings --
And to the world yet unawake
Would inspiration give, and take
Away distrust and fear
His singing here
And at this hour
Brings Our Father near
Kindling within a faith sincere
In His love and power --
For as I listen longer
My trust in Him grows stronger.
This little woodland singer,
He who sings at early dawn, is the bringer
Of love and peace, and with these trust and rest,
And all that we in life love best.

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