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There are in the hospital this week nine Tadpoles who lost their tails last week. Some of my Water Beetles and larvae who are to be (that is, when they grow up), Dragon Flies and Caddis Flies nipped the tails off of some of my Tadpoles who are to be (when they grow up) Frogs. Now, these same tadpoles are in the hospital growing new tails.
Today the Aster room is all abloom with fairy wings -- 'tis all a-brown with Pearl-Crescent Butterflies, for many of those mottled, grayish-white fairy cradles have given up their treasures. And, O, I am so happy, for I've watched over them so carefully since the time when from those small light greenish-yellow eggs, the tiny babies came, who some day were to be -- and that day having now come, are Pearl-Crescent Butterflies. They were such wiggling bits of humanity when first they came out of those eggs. Their appetites were so enormous that many trips it took to gather fresh Aster leaves for them -- and so I decided that when the time came 'round again for another generation of Silver Crescents that I would have an Aster room, and so I have -- just a bit of God's garden wild, with more Asters planted in it and screened in with screens earned by picking wild Blackberries. Each Pearl-Crescent seems all a-joy -- and there is no gloom in our Aster room, for we are all as happy as can be. And I've just been telling the Pearl Crescent fairies about their butterfly cousins, Ismeria, Vesta, Chaon, Orseis, Comillus and the Meadow Crescent-spot.
August 12th -- A wonderful thing happened in our hospital to-day. Last week I found a large Garter Snake with her tail partly smashed, so I brought her to our hospital and placed her in a screened-in ward all to herself. And she has been feasting on earthworms. Now this is the wonderful thing that has happened -- when we went out to the hospital this afternoon we found lots of baby Garter Snakes with that Snake. There are twenty-nine baby Garter Snakes. My -- we are just having the most exciting time naming them. Bobbie brought the Bible out -- and already we have named four after four of Jacob's twelve sons. (We did not think it best to use all twelve of his sons' names for we have four more Lizards, two Grasshoppers and five Toads to name besides all these newly arrived baby Snakes.) Then James brought the Ancient History -- and we named two after Babylonian kings, four after Egyptian kings, and two after Syrian kings. Yesterday I forgot and left Caesar's Gallic Wars up a tree where I was studying it, and Jane went for that and seven were named from people in Caesar's Gallic Wars. I'm sure that before nightfall comes we shall have them all named.

Common Kingfisher

Scarlet Tanager
Piranga olivacea

Screech Owl

Great Horned Owl
(Ann Telling)

Dark-Eyed Junco

Downy Woodpecker
Picoides pubescens
(Mark Cassino)

Hairy Woodpecker

Snowy Egret
(Peter LaTourrette)

June -- And now are here busy days -- that is in the nursery. You see, it's this way -- I want to write for other Girls and Boys when I grow up how the fairies live. So I watch them in the fields and woods -- and then I raise them from eggs that I may better know their life stories. And the reason that these days are especially busy ones at the nursery is because many eggs are hatching.
Day before yesterday three Turtle eggs hatched -- for a whole week Butterfly and Moth eggs have been hatching -- yesterday two Lizard eggs hatched, and to-day three Snake eggs (some Snakes hatch from eggs, but some are born alive, as Garter Snakes.) Also, Slug eggs are hatching, and Beetle ones, too. Several days ago Frog and Toad and Salamander eggs were hatching. And now Spiders are hatching, and Sowbugs, too. Do you wonder that these are such busy days at the nursery when so many little folk are coming into the world?
If things on hand grow up as we expect them to (the things on hand aforementioned being Tadpoles who have recently come out of Toad eggs), we shall have a goodly number of Toad fairies later in the year. There are at present in the nursery three hundred seventy-one Tadpoles who came out of Toad eggs. (We won't name them until they grow up -- but we have been picking out names in preparation for the time when they will become grown-up.) I love Toads -- from long association with them. You see, from the time I was five years old I've been raising them from the eggs to grown-up Toadhood. And day by day I've grown to like them more and to see how truly beautiful they are. I have had some dear Toad chums -- who followed me hopping out in the garden -- and on long nature walks traveled in my pocket. Every day I feel so happy, and no matter how hard things seem, the world is so full of wonderful, beautiful things, and no matter how much I get spanked for it, I do still love Toads -- and I'm sure God understands my loving them.

Still as my horizon grew,
Larger grew my riches, too.

Another tragedy happened in the hospital to-day. My pet Raccoon, who was caught in a trap last week, I brought to the hospital to bandage again his paw. He seemed to appreciate the soothing effect of mentholatum -- and because of his being very quiet I went on to attend to two pet Squirrels who were hurt last week. While my back was turned, Sir Raccoon, on an exploration bent, soon found the tub wherein was Sucker, who was nicely recovering from being caught on a hook last week. Before I could reach him he was eating for supper this Sucker. O, Life is truly full of puzzling situations.

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