An Ceangal Mara, "The Linking Sea", in the Gaelic language, symbolizing the sea that connects all Celtic Lands and the sea of consciousness
that connects people through culture.

An Ceangal Mara's mission is to study, honor and celebrate the Celt, making our accomplishments, ways and conditions known. We accomplish this by functioning as a living entity, fostering an understanding of the importance of each individual while encouraging community, including offering of individual talents toward greater goals together.

We research, study, live and teach the culture, exploring culturally Celtic art such as stylistically Celtic music and singing, visual and functional art, sacred sites, the literature, history and mythology. The Celtic languages are researched and studied, as are instances of second sight, various forms of Celtic style dance and astronomy.

 We create and participate in community gatherings, from intimate dinners to blazing fire festivals, fairs and  games of old. From solitary to interactive, we enjoy visual, experiential and unexpected learning experiences from sources such as authoritative people and old manuscripts, to modern technology.

Cultural enrichment requires the participation of the whole community. By working together, we continue this tradition of community operated Celtic cultural arts & education programming, and ensure the success and quality of this programming for community enrichment.

An Ceangal Mara offers many opportunities to get involved. Click on Membership or give us a call at (541) 686-6136 to find how you can be a part of the community.



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