Celtic Bealltuinn Festival
The traditional festival of Bealltuinn celebrates the beginning of the bright half of the year, and is a reunion time after the long winter. The event is a reclaimation of an old Celtic holiday that had over the past century become misunderstood and distorted.

Every detail has been researched and visioned by our Lorekeeper and Festival Manager Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir. From the chess tournament and archery range, traditional crafts people, the animal displays and ceremonial building of the Bealltuinn fires, captivating visitors and giving an accurate and entertaining glimpse into this Celtic time out of time .

 As it evolved, each year a village emerged from the spring mist to provide time travel through the Celtic golden eras. Our Carpenter and Site Manager Mik Thompson finally named our  Celtic village 'Sean Tir' or The Old Land, and Costumed festivalgoers have filled it to view and live daily life and celebration time in this recreated Celtic village since 1997.

Being the largest Celtic living history event in Oregon still didn't make us huge. We humbly started on private property in Marcola, only allowed to permit 50 people to attend. 52 showed up and so many more complained of not being invited, we went public the next year. First we gathered at Zumwalt Park, then moving to Buford Park, and eventually our home became the beautiful Iris Hill Vineyards nestled into the folds of the southern end of the Willamette Valley Coast Range foothills. Our top attendance figure was 750 people, which is a whole lot of people to keep happy, safe and entertained. This event serves to celebrate the history and the diversity of Celtic peoples everywhere.

Horned Highland cattle, an archery range, music, dance, stories and song captivate visitors and give an accurate and entertaining glimpse into this Celtic time out of time. Participate in traditional sporting events including caber toss, stone throw and Gaelic football.





Merchants and artisans will delight with their wares, offering old world keepsakes including artwork, pottery, clothing, yard goods, jewelry, books, toys and tapestries. Food purveyors offer delicious treats ranging from salmon and lamb, Irish stew, hearty drinks,soda bread and scones to shortbread. Stop and visit with any of the village traditional crafts people, enjoy demonstrations and ask your questions.

Take a bit of the Festival home with you and get special access to Celtic Merchants & CraftersTo See Merchants Click Here







All can enjoy a visit with Highland cattle and horses. Living history re-enactors, storytellers and clans will transport us in time to provide education and merriment for all, while scholars and scientists enlighten and dazzle us with their ancient wisdom through organized workshops.










Live music and performances will be offered both days of the event

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