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Has been in existence since 1996 and functions as a living entity, fostering an understanding of the importance of each individual while encouraging community, including offering of individual talents toward greater goals together. We research, teach and learn about the animals and clothing of our past. We investigate into how our food was grown and stored, about stylistically Celtic music and singing, studying and living the culture, exploring the art, sacred sites, the history and mythology. The Celtic languages are researched and studied as are instances of second sight, various forms of Celtic style dance and astronomy. We create and participate in community gatherings, from intimate dinners to blazing fire festivals, fairs and games of old. From solitary to interactive, we enjoy visual, experiential and unexpected learning experiences from sources such as authoritative people and old manuscripts, to modern technology.

It is through membership that we continue this tradition of community operated Celtic cultural arts & education programming, and ensure the success and quality of this programming for community enrichment.

If this sounds interesting, there are several categories of possible involvement with An Ceangal Mara:

Become a Volunteer, an Active Member or enroll the whole family as Active Members!



Benefits:  Volunteering gives the individual the opportunity to discover potential ways in which they may choose to participate as a future member, enriching a sense of purpose, identity, belonging, value and recognition in the community. Volunteers receive free or reduced admission to events that they are working on or at. Volunteers of course must keep their commitments, showing up to work parties and events as they have committed themselves or contact the volunteer coordinator well in advance of any variance. Emergencies are of course understandable. One can volunteer within their field of expertise or in a way in which they hope to learn and experience more.


Active Membership:

Benefits: Members receive an official membership card and recognition on the community membership honor roll. Membership longevity tokens are given at a year and a day, three years, seven years, nine years and every year after that. Members receive an invitation to a yearly  Community Honors special awards event.
You will receive our quarterly cultural newspaper filled with art, history, leisure, travel, food and community calendar sections, and additionally receive a yearly Celtic calendar with beautiful Celtic artwork, photography, cultural education, reminders of Celtic historic anniversaries and holidays, celestial and lunar movements as well as An Ceangal Mara meetings and events dates.

Active Members contribute $35 in annual dues, volunteer on one event committee per year, or work at one community event per year. As Members of the organization we maintain a conduct that engenders good will and a communication style that addresses issues rather than personalities, representing ourselves and the organization well in the community.


Active Family Membership

 All of the above benefits are included, with one calendar and one newspaper going
to a single household.

Active Family Members contribute $50 per family in annual membership dues for two adults (each additional adult Family Member add $25) and $20 for each child between 13 and 18 years of age, and $5 for children under 13.


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Supporting Membership

Sponsor Membership



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