What Sgroi means to the best of my knowledge.

This is what I know from word of mouth.  The surname 'Sgroi' is a combination of two (2) old French words meaning  (Sg) "My Lord" and (Roi) "The King.."  My family is from a small village in Sicilly named "Linguagrosso" (Big Mouth).  During the early part of the 1900's many of my family migrated to the United States through Ellis Island where they scattered throughout New York states and other eastern states.  I am one of the few Sgrois on the western coast of the United States.   Below are e-mails sent in by other Sgrois.  You can too send in your Sgroi related information to chester@sgroi.com .

  Please e-mail any comments or your own Sgroi name or story to chester@sgroi.com

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