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There are certain events that benchmark our lives, like buying that first car, and falling in love for the first time. Our most indelible memories, however, tend to come from our childhood, and our beloved toys. For myriad American children, especially boys, the toys most treasured on long-ago Christmas mornings were Lionel or American Flyer trains.

Todays games and toys require very little imagination and thought. Video games and the computer age have created a new world of "virtual reality" eliminating the need for a child to imagine or dream.

My name is Chris Simmonds and I have a goal to share my love of toy trains and to promote this wonderful lifetime hobby with kids of all ages in hopes of preserving it for generations to come.

Please help me reach my goal of building a portable toy train display that I can set up in key locations in my community and others where children can come and get a hands on experience of running one of these wonderful locomotives. Let them experience the sights and sounds of yesterdays toys and develop an interest that will positively influence them and the following generations forever!

If you have an S or O guage Lionel or American Flyer or similar toy train gathering dust in your attic, garage or basement, please consider donating them to this cause. Any donation obtained in excess of what is needed for my portable layout will be given to children in need in our community who show interest in my toy train display. If you know someone anywhere who has a train or train set they would like to donate, I will pay all shipping costs for their donation. learn more

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