Thank you so much for visiting my web page. Here are a couple of things to consider about donating to Toy Trains for Kids:

  • I will gladly accept non working locomotives and damaged rolling stock and accessories. Part of the fun of all of this is repairing toys that are destined to scrap and placing them on a display with new life and being enjoyed and played with by children. Please consider Toy Trains for Kids before throwing away anything!
  • Do not donate valuable collector trains unless you are okay with the fact that they WILL be used and played with by children. I can give a really good home to your unwanted low end locomotives and starter pieces. I will guarentee they will be enjoyed and loved by many children and adults(big children). They will be used to promote this hobby and to pass it on to the future generations.
  • I will ALWAYS pay all shipping costs for donated items. Just give me your zip code and I will send a money order or PayPal payment for the total shipping amount.
  • All donors will recieve update emails AND paper newsletters mailed USPS with photos and updates of Toy Trains for Kids current events.

Although Toy Trains for Kids is in its infancy. I am dedicated to making it a great success. If all goes well, I will have enough to start on the layout soon and will be ready to display it this summer. Please email me at or call me, Chris Simmonds at: 541-359-9968 or 541-988-4910.

Small cash donations are always welcome and will help me to add scenery, buy new production accessories, hardware, gas to transport the display etc.. Please click on the following link to make a secure payment with your credit card or PayPal account.