click for full size view and construction schematics.

The Toy Trains for Kids layout is a modular design that makes transportation of the display easy. So far I have built 10 modules, 6 straight and 4 corners, and when assembled creates a display with a dimension of 12' X 16'. This construction technique also allows for expansion at any time and more modules can always be added.

At this time I have just finished construction of all the modules and have laid the cork roadbed and the track. The display consists of three O gauge mainlines and will in the near future feature one complete loop of American Flyer S gauge as well. I have selected Gargraves trackage for the mainline but am incorporating lionel O and O27 into various turnouts, sidings and industry leads.

Below are some photos of the construction phase of the layout and I will soon have many more photos up. My digital camera has failed me and the only pictures I have so far were took during the module benchwork construction. They will give you an idea of the construction process used in the layout. Stay tuned for photos of the complete benchwork with trackage installed and eventually scenery and accessories.

This photo shows how two straight modules and one corner fit together. Each module is secured to the next by means of a C clamp on the underside.

The legs slip into the corners of the module and the height of each leg can be adjusted +/- one inch to level each the surface of the benchwork.

As you can see the dissasembled benchwork takes up little space and I will be making a custom rack that can be placed inside my Jeep or in a small trailer for transportation.