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This site has undergone numerous changes, since it was started in 1996. It is now undergoing another. This slimmed down site will only contain the chronological list of 20th Century New Zealand FDCs, and a LINKS section to various New Zealand stamp related websites. The previously included material can, for the most part, be found at some other site, and given that I need to free time to devote to my newer site concerning New Zealand Feature Films on Video and DVD, I have decided to reduce the material previously available to the bare, useful essentials. When I started this website, there was no other of its kind - there was no website dedicated to the subject of New Zealand stamps. Happily, that has changed and I no longer need to include information that was appropriate, in the 1990's. As I said then, I do not purport to be an expert on NZ stamps, but comments/questions are welcome via the e-mail link below....

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