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Community Village Meeting
May 14, 2014

St Mary's Episcopal Church, 13th & Pearl

Pass payments DUE!
Village meeting May 14, 7pm Growers Market

(Agenda - Click Here)

Pass Prices 2014
10 years old and under is free
$10 each for youth age 11 and 12.
$40 each for teens age 13 through 18
S.O. pass: $80 through June 29;
on June 30 this fee increases to $100.
CV Worker pass - $40
Elder pass - $40
Day pass $20
Vehicle pass - $10 | Oversize vehicle $30
Extra (beyond allocation) vehicle passes $20

Craft Lot Installation Committee

Council Meeting,
May 20, 7pm, Growers Market

New Village Entrance proposal discussion here - UPDATED 11-13

2013 CV Evaluation here
PDF of evaluation notes here




2012 CV /Fair Evaluation Notes
2011 Occupy Statement of support

Pictures from the 2012 Fair

Chase working the Little People cart

send me a link to your pictures - tim@gwproj.com

Wild Edibles Video

2012 Fair/Village Evaluation Notes
18 people attended 9/16/12


Needs Improvement

Helpful Restaurant
No Drama {spelling ?}
New Faces
Taking Responsibility
Restaurant worked in CV {again Keith spelling unknown}
Our Theme
Youth/Teen in child care
Good Pre Fair teen work
Community coam {sp?} Commitment?
Best Fair Aura
Occupy Presence was good
Rest. Stayed open really late until 3 am one night
Good food

Schedule more stuff on stage
Communication was brought up 6 times
Exhibit more patience
Sup Cooperation
Undocumented hose {flooded tent}
Renew Corp {non-profit status v. corporation} what is our current status?
Sound Patterns in booths {too loud near stage}
Cross Training
Camping Reg forms. Personal accountability
Camping Communication
Re-design our forms
Expectation around usage of the top of the booth
Booth Decon/clean up
Dead limbs in Little People
Bring Connectory back
Booth Coordinator meeting needs to occur somewhere other than Sam Bond’s

Parking Lot
Phone Tree for those not connected to internet
Booth Feedback
Cooperation status or non profit?
Village should do something bigger/newer/cutting edge/new loop

Restaurant Feedback
Awesome Salad
Tamarinds Cooler
Into Village
High Quality
Part of Village
New Expensive/OK
Toasted Cheese
Signage/Live Music



Community Village Statement in support of
Occupy Eugene 11-2011

As a part of the social conscience of the Oregon Country Fair, the Community Village has come to consensus to express our profound and heartfelt support and solidarity for the Global Occupation. We commend the OCF Board for the support that they have shown to Occupy Eugene, and encourage that support to continue. We also encourage all of our fair family to get involved in their local Occupations, sharing generously of whatever skills and resources we have. For information about Occupy Eugene, visit www.occupyeugenemedia.org


Coordinating Council 2013:

Keith Herchberger quackerbacker1@msn.com cell 541-513-1238

Tim Mueller 541-521-7208 tim@gwproj.com

Paul Sass psass731@aol.com 541-689-3709

Lois Inmann 541-836-2670

Dianne Albino 541-933-2584 iriedi@yahoo.com

Karla Caudell 541-337-5319 kjcaudell@yahoo.com

David Hoffman 541-484-9204 fixit@efn.org

Laura Weil-Noppenberger 541-513-7568 nimbi10@yahoo.com


Jennefer Harper (541) 514-9487
  Drake Ewbank 541-606-6351 drake@efn.org
Ben Barrett (541)729-3130 stircrazyben@gmail.com

Council Selection Process 2012-13,

established Jan 11, 2012, for temporary use subject to re-evaluation following its use for conflict resolution:

Persons volunteering to serve on the Coordinating Council deserve a respectful and fair confirmation process. No candidate should be blindsided publicly with a concern they have not already had a chance to respond to privately. When concerns are expressed about their candidacy at a Village Meeting, discussion will be minimal, with the candidate given equal time to comment on specific concerns. But the majority of the conversation between the person with the concern and the candidate will occur privately between them and perhaps the Council. Resolutions of concerns should be shared with the Village when they have been reached.

People will stand for Council at the January Village meeting. If someone would like to be on Council but absolutely cannot make it to this meeting, they must send someone to stand for them. The Council candidates will make a statement or answer questions regarding who they are, their Village/Fair experience, etc. Candidates for Council must provide contact info and be accessible during the next week.

Anyone about whom no concerns are raised prior to the January Council meeting will be confirmed at the February Village meeting.

A person may not feel safe, or able to tactfully discuss their concerns with a candidate, so a person with a concern may be accompanied by an advocate.

To allow some time to work out a solution, the January Council meeting will be held the second week following the general meeting.

Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting.

A village member may stand aside or block a Council candidate only if he/she has taken his/her shared concern through the process described above.

In the midst of sparkling crystals, aromatic foods, and a river of people rests an island of idealism, the Community Village. At the heart of the Fair, Community Village promotes social and environmental awareness by providing a forum for the free communication of ideas. The process of putting The Village together is as significant as the end itself, as we organize cooperatively through consensus decision-making.

Since 1976, we have grown from a modest display of appropriate technology to a community involving the energies of individuals from over 90 organizations.

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Community Village is a part of the Oregon Country Fair Family and is dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change. We create a spiritual center manifesting the Village Vision of love, peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service. By believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences, and experimenting with new ideas, we hope to expand our consciousness, growing beyond the Fair into the world at large.



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