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Camping Form 2018.pdf | .Docx
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Camping coordination – Sharon Stahl-Bogdanovic
541-602-4567 pepppar@yahoo.com


  • NEW THIS YEAR, 2018: If you camped in 2017 and are on my spreadsheet and none of your information has changed = check off on the list or send me (text or email) a note that you a returning and everything is the same.  If anything has changed = Complete a form.  I will be at the April and May meetings with the list.
  • Do not assume I have your information unless you have confirmed it with me or submitted a form. 
  • NO SETTING UP TENTS PRIOR TO WEDNESDAY JULY 11th. NOPE DON’T DO IT!  Setup begins on Wednesday July 11th at 9am.  It is ideal if your camp gets setup on Wednesday.  If you set it up before Wednesday I will have to take it down and the whole situation will suck for both of us
  • Early tent setup ONLY for those who need to work at the Fair site.  If that is not you, plan your schedule now so that you can arrive to setup on Wednesday, or delegate someone to set up your tent.
  • SWAMP AND MEADOW: DO NOT have assigned spaces.  Your camp spot cannot be transferred to another person.  We incorporate new Village members each year, camp spaces will be assigned as you arrive to setup camp.  You may very likely end up in the same space as before – but this is not a guarantee. 
  • SPECIAL NEEDS – If you are a person with ADA accommodations connect with 4A.  I am not able to accommodate regular human needs.  We are all aging and have changing needs - know your own limits and make arrangements and plan for your comfort level. 
  • The Village camping areas are for Village members ONLY, defined as getting your camping pass through the village.  At least one person in the tent MUST be getting a camping pass through the Village.
  • BRING A SMALL TENT if you are camping in the swamp or meadow, if you need more space consider moving into our space in the Far Side or Zenn Achers.
  • When you arrive on site, check with your camp host PRIOR to setting up camp. 
  • EVERYONE needs to sign in with the Camp Coordinator on site and get a Village tent tag.  We will be available for check-in Wednesday and Thursday at the Information booth.
  • If you need assistance figuring this out talk to the Camp Coordinator PRIOR to Fair (earlier the better) NOT the week of Fair or when you arrive on site.
  • BOOTH COORDINATORS – Please email me a list of your booth members, this is helpful.  Make sure you communicate with your booth members and tell them that they must communicate with me about camping.

GET ME YOUR CAMP INFO by June 14, 2018 at the very latest:
Sharon Bogdanovic
3829 NW Arrowood Circle, Corvallis, OR 97330


In the midst of sparkling crystals, aromatic foods, and a river of people rests an island of idealism, the Community Village. At the heart of the Fair, Community Village promotes social and environmental awareness by providing a forum for the free communication of ideas. The process of putting The Village together is as significant as the end itself, as we organize cooperatively through consensus decision-making.

Since 1976, we have grown from a modest display of appropriate technology to a community involving the energies of individuals from over 90 organizations.

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Community Village is a part of the Oregon Country Fair Family and is dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change. We create a spiritual center manifesting the Village Vision of love, peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service. By believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences, and experimenting with new ideas, we hope to expand our consciousness, growing beyond the Fair into the world at large.



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