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Eligibility Forms for 2017

All eligibility forms are online this year and are due by Saturday, April 15, but we hope you will have them complete by the Village Meeting April 13. You must fill them out online and click "submit" when finished. (If you are unable to access the internet, please contact your Booth Coordinator or designee who will enter the information with your guidance.) Your information will then be transferred into a spreadsheet. Everyone's info will then be available to your Booth Coordinator, who is expecteed to add their comments. This information will also be accessed by those present at the Eligibility Meeting (Monday April 17, 7-9pm at Growers) as they review it to determine each individual/group's eligibility.

The forms are collecting all the same information as the paper forms did in the past. The difference is that they are online, through Google Forms, and will be collected directly online. There is a Group form, an Individual form, and an Areas form. People in service booths (AAAA, Little Village, Wild Edibles, Youth Power, and Info) don't need to send in an eligibility form - the council and eligibility committee just need a count of how many people for each booth - please provide that info via e-mail to Sam by April 15. Please contact your Booth Coord or Sam Rutledge (541-337-6970 samuelrutledge@gmail.com) with questions.

Groups seeking eligibility should fill in one form for each group, http://bit.do/cvgroupform

Individuals seeking eligibility should each fill in one form for workers, and should list any youth, teen, and SO who are coming based on that individual eligibility on that form. 

People in areas should each fill in one shorter areas form, 

Good Luck...


Workshop & Demos Form 2017 .pdf

2017 T-shirt design
$15.00 each
styles and colors below
from 2014

The Village Shirts will be a spiral with the image and text printed in white on the center of the chest.

Order them through Etsy or buy them at the Saturday onsite meeting on the 24th of June. Rick will also be selling them at Fair on Thursday thru Sunday in the Arts Booth.
Rick will have Women's shirts, tank tops and youth sizes as well.

Order form Here
Richard at 541 206 4498 / tyedyeking@gmail.com

Design 2017:



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