Fishbone Discography

Soundtrack and Compilation Appearances

This portion of the discography contains information on the soundtracks and compilation albums that Fishbone has been on.

The discography that some of this information came from was originally written on 11/4/92 by:
Loring Holden
Yvan Jacquet
and Chuck Tomlinson.

Since it had not been updated in several years, I picked it up in 1995 and have made several changes to the original discography. It is currently kept up by, me, Chris Schatz,

Appearances in soundtracks

Back To The Beach Soundtrack (CBS SCT40892, 1987), "Jamaican Ska"
Fishbone appears under the name of Tapehead O.S.; features Annette Funicello on vocals.

Fled (Rowdy 75444-37012-2 07/16/96), "Fled"
They do the theme song for the movie, titled "Fled."

Goodburger (), "Do Fries Go With That Shake?"

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Arista, AL-9574, 12", 1988/89)
"He's A Fly Guy"

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Arista, AS1-9806, 7", 1988/89), "He's A Fly Guy"
This is a single that has two versions of "He's A Fly Guy." This song was written
by Curtis Mayfield and performed by Curtis Mayfield with Fishbone. There was also
a 12" single released with a few other versions on it.
He's A Fly Guy [3:52] (Soundtrack version)
He's A Fly Guy [5:20] (Instrumental)
Fishbone also appears in the movie. Fishbone is outside the prison when Flyguy gets out.

Last Action Hero (Sony, 06/08/93), "Swim"

The Mask (Sony, 07/19/94), "Let The Good Times Roll"
Original song by Sam Theard & Fleecie Moore.

**National Lampoon's Senior Trip (Capricorn, 1995)
Angelo helped produce this STK.

Play It To The Bone ( , 1999)
"Shakey Ground"

Say Anything (Sony, 04/11/89), "Skankin' to the Beat"
This single was also released for the movie:
IN YOUR EYES (Peter Gabriel)/SKANKIN' TO THE BEAT (Fishbone)
(Cassette single WTG 31T 68936) USA
??? 1989
In Your Eyes [4:53]
Skankin' to the Beat [2:49]
[Yeah, I know they're both from the "Say Anything" soundtrack, but how did
they decide on THESE two? --Ryan]

Tapeheads (Island Records 791030-1 1988), "Slow Bus Moving"
Besides being on the soundtrack, Fishbone also appeared in this movie. They are in
a bar playing this song.

**Tommy Boy (Warner Brothers, 1995)
Angelo helped produce this STK.

Songs that were in trailers, etc. (not on the soundtrack)

Camp Nowhere, (1994) "Party at Ground Zero"

Dunston Checks In, (1995) "Party at Ground Zero"

Larger Than Life, (1996) "Party At Ground Zero"

Multiplicity, (1996) "Party At Ground Zero"

Appearances in compilations

A Different Kind of Christmas (9/20/94), "It's A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)"

Album Network Tune-Up #65 (04/29/91)
"Album Network Tune-Up" is a music/radio industry trade publication.

Alter Nation (11/01/93), "Swim"

Arista Drive Thru : Multimedia Presentation (1996) "Beergut"
This is a promotional CD/CD-Rom. It also contains some pictures and the video for "Alcoholic" in the multimedia part of it.

A Tribute to Hard Core Logo, "Words and Music"

**Certain Damage Vol. 10

**Columbia Street Sounds compilation (US promo/1988/CD/Columbia CSK 1360)
Freddie's Dead [3:56] (this is like the 12" and Urban mixes...just shorter)
Freddie's Dead (Urban Mix) [5:34]

Folkways - A Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woodie Guthrie and Leadbelly (CBS 46095-1, 1988)
Fish plays drums on this cover of "Rock Island Line," originally done by Leadbelly, with Little Richard on vocals.

Genrecide: A Compilation Vol. 1 (Columbia CK 53450, 04/13/93), "Freddie's Dead"
This is a live version of the song that was recorded in Japan. .

**Hollyword (Rhino). Angelo has a spoken word track on it.

Life's Hard - We're Harder -Columbia Hard Music Sampler (Columbia Cassette, 1993)
Servitude [edit]

Lollapalooza '93 (1993)

Monitor This! (2000)
This is a Music Monitor Network's Promotional Sampler Disc.
"Shakey Ground"

New Edge Muzik (US promo/CD/Columbia CSK 2230 1990)
New and Improved Bonin' [6:17] (extended version)
[This also appears on a European version of the New and Improved Bonin'

Operation Rock 'N' Roll (Columbia, 1991), "Asswhippin'" and "Fight the Youth"

People Who Speak With Their Hands (Sony, 1993), "Servitude"

Red Hot and Latin: Silencio = Muerto (PGD, 04/22/97), "What's New Pussycat"
Fishbone and Los Fabulous Cadillacs perform this Tom Jones cover. Proceeds from this album go to AIDS research in Spanish-language communities.

Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites (OGLIO, 12/13/93). "Party At Ground Zero" (visual Mix)

Rhythm Come Forward - Vol. 2 (Sony 8/13/91), "UGLY"

Rock Sound Sampler Vol 1
This is a French promo CD.

Rolling Stone Presents Hot New Music (SME Records, 22670, 1991), "Everyday Sunshine"

Ska Island (Island Records, 9/16/97)
Fishbone does a cover of Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldheads." Guitarists listed are Byron G.
West and Freddy Flint

Sound Blasts! EP1 (7" 1988)
This single was released with a British music magazine called "Sounds." It has the following songs on it: Iggy Pop "Cold Metal", Fishbone "Love and Bullshit", Dan Reed Network "Burnin' Love", and Blue Aeroplanes "Bury Your Love Like Treasure."

Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler (Epic/Columbia, EK 47304, 1992),
Contains a remix of "Fight The Youth"

Steady Sounds From the Underground (1998), "I'm a Weed Plant"

Super Snax Summer '96 (), "Alcoholic"

This Ain't No Disco (New Wave Dance Hits) (5/17/94), "Party At Ground Zero"

Thrash and Burn - The Metal Alternative (Sony), "Sunless Saturday

West Coast Skampolation (),

**Women of Ska. Schanachie (sp), 1997. "Lyin' Ass Bitch" appears on this
compilation because there is a woman backing up the song. Lisa R.
Grant is the female vocalist on this song.

X Games - Vol. 2 (Tommy Boy, 6/2/97), "Party At Ground Zero"

**Zildjian promo CD, "Servitude." It lists the tracks by the drummer's name.