Fishbone News

October 4, 2000:
The new album by Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations is out now! You can order the CD, To Put It Bluntly now from CDNow. Triple-X Records and CDNow both have audio clips from the new album. It sounds damn funky!

September 13, 2000:
I just have to say sorry for not keeping up on these pages as much as I should be. I'm restoring a 1961 Vespa and I've been trying to get it ready to be painted. I was trying to get it up and running for this weekends rally, but it's not going to happen. Plus I've been out trying to find a real job. In the meantime, here's some news for you. Fishbone appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne last night. They played "Shakey Ground." I wish I would have known about it because then I would have been able to list it here AND I would have been able to watch it myself! :( On Oct. 3, "To Put It Bluntly," the new album by Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations will be released on Triple-X Records. Check out their news section for more information on the album.

June 18, 2000:
The Dr. Madd Vibe site is now up and running. The address is
And while you're checking out that page, check out my Dr. Madd Vibe page also. Just keep in mind that it's not finished yet!

Angelo has a poem, "You're My Favorite Nigger," on the upcoming Plea for Peace CD. You can buy it thru Asian Man Records or thru CDNow (who has it for $3 currently, this may change).

The episode of VH1's "The List" that Angelo was on is supposed to be on Friday June 30.

May 22, 2000:
Angelo will appear on VH1's The List tonight.

April 21, 2000:
-Angelo has been added to the April 25th Spitfire show at the University of Missouri in Columbia MS. His topic will be Racism.

-Angelo and Norwood will be in a commercial for Also in the commercial will be William Shatner.

Last Saturday, Angelo filmed for an episode of "The List" on VH1. It is supposed to air this May.

April 7, 2000:
Got some info for you all:
-Fishbone will be on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters from July 31 until early September.
-Fishbone was on the Roseanne show on March 31. They played "The Suffering" and Roseanne talked with them after they performed.

March 17, 2000:
Check out this nutty page for tons of information regarding the new album.

March 13, 2000:

And here are some articles on Fishbone:
Sonic Net

February 22, 2000:
You can now advance order Fishbone's Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx off of CDNow. Basically you buy it now and it arrives in your mailbox the day it's out. That would be March 21 in this case!

January 28, 2000:
On January 5, someone wrote in the guestbook that Angelo had left his Visa at the suit people. It would be greatly appreciated if whoever wrote that would please email me with more info on it. Thanks!

January 17, 2000:
I just heard from Hollywood Records that the album is still planned to be released on March 21!! The new song "Shakey Ground" is available on the soundtrack to Play It To The Bone. The songs on the promo for the album will include "Shakey Ground," "The Suffering," "Where'd You Get Those Pants," "Everybody Is a Star," "One Planet People," "Just Allow," "Aids & Armageddon," "It All Kept Startin' Over Again," "Dear God," and "Karma Tsunami." There are supposed to be a lot more songs that are going on this CD also, so I do not have the correct set list for the new album.

January 2, 2000:
Happy New Year! It looks like the new year came in with a fizzle. I just noticed that the java code I use to get the date for when the page was last updated is going to put them all down wrong. At least it's not a difficult code to fix! I've been out with the flu for the last week, so I didn't get this up earlier. If you hadn't heard, Curtis Mayfield passed away last weekend. The following are several articles on his passing. My condolences go out to his family and friends and to everyone who was touched my his music.

- Live Daily
- Music 999
-Rolling Stone
- CDNow-AllStar

October 31, 1999:
-The album that was supposed to be entitled "Fishbone & Friends" is now going to be called "Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience presents the Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx" The release date is set for March 21, 2000 and it's going to be on Hollywood Records.

-The compilation entitled "U-Nutted We Stand" is on hold for now.

-The albums by Trulio Disgracias and Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations are not going to be out until a distributor for the albums is found.

-Angelo has done some interviews with Entertainment Weekly [I'll post which issue he'll be in later] and SPIN [February Issue].

October 24, 1999:
IMPORTANT!: Did you happen to go see Fishbone on Oct 20th in Huntington Beach at the Rhino Room? A box of music came up missing during the show. If you took it or know of who did, we would like to know. The rightful owner would like to have his music back. If you have any info, please email me at

August 8, 1999:
Well, I've finally got this update done. I've been working on it for the last three months. I'm leaving tomorrow for Italy for the next six weeks so I had to get this done before I leave! If you write me, I won't get to it for some time. Here's some misc. Fishbone news:

-It looks as though Fishbone has dropped off of the Watcha Tour. I haven't heard of a reason why. Someone mentioned that they would be playing the LA date, but I'd check with the venue before buying a ticket.

-If you have checked out the Jul/Aug '99 issue of Pop Smear Magazine, they have some information on the new Fishbone albums. It says that Fishbone is going to be releasing two albums, both are due in late '99. The first is the "Fishbone and Friends" one due out on Hollyood Records. The other is called "U-Nutted We Stand." It's a two-volume compilation due out on their own label, Nuttsactor 5 Records.

-Trulio Disgracias, as some of you may know, has an album coming out on Transmission Records. It is going to be called "Nuttin's Gonna Get You If You Don't Look Out."

-Also in '99, Dirty Walt's side project, Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations, is going to release an album on Nuttsactor 5 Records entitled "To Put it Bluntly."

August 4, 1999:
I've heard from some people on the Fishbone mailing list that Fishbone has backed out of the Watcha Tour except for the shows in LA. You may want to check with the venue to verify if Fishbone will be playing if you are planning on going to one of the shows.

July 1, 1999:
It looks as though the "Fishbone and Friends" album should be out in late fall, at least that is what Hollywood Records has said. For more information on the new album and the all-star musicians that will be on it, check out these links:
MTV's news section.


June 21, 1999:
For any of you fans of Dr. Madd Vibe, there's a new mailing list out there. This is through the regular postal mail (not email). To get on the mailing list you can either email Debbie at with your home address or you can send it to:

Dr. Madd Vibe
P.O. Box 241069
Detroit, MI

March 5, 1999:
On the 3rd of March it was John Bigham's birthday! Happy Birthday John!
Also, in March Dr. Madd Vibe will be doing some poetry readings arount the midwest. I'll get the dates up as soon as I get them. They will be listed in the Tours section below.

March 1, 1999:
The Ska Mining Company has an article on Fishbone in their weekly article section. The article is called "Reinventing Fishbone".
While you are there, check out the 1999 Madd Vibe/ Fishbone Special.

January 11, 1999:
Here's a couple links I received in the mail a few days ago. A company is releasing two "previously unreleased Fishbone tracks." When I first posted this I had not checked out their site, so I wasn't sure what was going on. The two tracks are "Black Box" (if I remember correctly) which was off of Fishbone's 3 song cassette tape and "I'm a Weed Plant" which is off of the Steady Sounds From the Underground comp and it's also on a West Coast Ska comp. So they're not really "previously unreleased" as advertised. Also, if you decide to check these sound samples out, you need special software (which I think it's free) and they cost $.99 per track.

December 13, 1998:
The address for the mailing list is now at