Fishbone Articles and Reviews

Check out this list of magazines that Fishbone has been in.

My review of the Feb. 17, 01 show at The Roseland.

Nuttstalk 2000 review from the Feb 23 show in Eugene.

MTV article on the upcoming "Fishbone and Friends" album.

Norwood interview in Bass Frontiers magazine.

Reinventing Fishbone

Norwood interview by our own Phillip Lucas-Smith (1996).

Another interview with Norwood.

An article by Toure.

Modern Drummer article on Fish.

Imusic has a review of the Fishbone 101 CD here.

An article about Joi's new album, Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome.

Crazy to the 'bone - an article about Norwood's involvement with Kendall's breakdown.

Underground: Debutta con una compilation la Mexnut, nuova casa discografica di. This is an short article in Italian. It is about a record label started by Norwood called Mexnut.

A review from the December of the Black Rock Coalition's newsletter. This is a review of Fishbone's December 4th show at Tramps in NY.

Oberlin College review of a Fishbone show there. The original article is at the OC Review page.

An interview by Drew Blood & Kevin M with Walter and Spacey T. This was done on Aug. 13 1998 before Fishbone's show in Austin, TX.

Article on Fish's departure from Fishbone.

Article on a porn movie that Fishbone did some music for. CAUTION: I don't know what's in that link, so go to it at your own risk.

Article on the Bone.

Jam TV's article on the upcoming Friends of Fishbone album.

Doin' it With High Frequency. Big Briar talking with Angelo about playing the Theremin.

Rover '97 interview with Norwood.

An article on George Clinton and Trulio Disgracious from the Feb 12, 97 issue of Addicted to Noise.

Articles on Fishbone.

Fishbone's Persistence of Existence by Matt Parish

Review of Chim Chim's Badass Revenge by an Australian magazine called Drivel. archive of a chat session with Angelo. This was done when Fishbone toured with De La Soul.

"The big bang theory" by John Encanracao. This article was originally from

Chicago Sun Times article on Fishbone's double CD.

CMJ New Music review on Chim Chim's Badass Revenge.

Fishbone Swims Upstream, A&E Oct 96

Rover '96 interview with Fish.

Warped Tour '96 - My review of the Salem, OR show

Goblin magazine has poetry by Dr. Madd Vibe (AKA Angelo) in issues 4, 5, 6, and 7. And I believe Goblin Magazine has an article on Fishbone in number 4. It's pretty cool, go check it out!

Buzznet. Buzznet did had an exclusive spoken word session with Dr. Maddvibe. There are text versions of "Black Box" and "You're My Favorite Nigger." There are also audio files of Angelo doing these two poems. These audio files are in .AU format and are pretty large.

A review from a 1991 show of Fishbone in England. The article came from The Guard.