Radio Terrorism

-These files are only portions of the original songs (about 30-40 secs). Do not email me requesting full versions of these songs. I will not give them to you. If you like them, support the band by buying the damn CD it came from.

-As you can see, these files are in MP3 format. If you don't know anything about MP3s, check out for more information.

-Need software suggestions? If you have an IBM or compatible, I would suggest the WinAmp MP3 player. has links to several different audio programs for both Mac and IBM.

-In order to save these files, right click on the MP3 you want. Then click the "Save Link As..." selection. Then the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Fishbone MP3 Files
  Song Title   Album Title File Size
Another Generation Fishbone 413K
Crazy Bald Heads Ska Island 373K
Everyday Sunshine The Reality Of My Surroundings 327K
Fled Fled [Soundtrack] 477K
Freddie's Dead Truth And Soul 432K
Let The Good Times Roll The Mask 464K
Ma And Pa Truth And Soul 448K
Sunless Saturday The Reality Of My Surroundings 490K
Understand Me Sunless Saturday [Single] 427K
Unyielding Conditioning Give A Monkey A Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe 421K
When Problems Arise In Your Face 446K