Fishbone Merchandise on the Net



CDNow was one of the Internet's first music dealers. The above link is to their Fishbone section. It contains a small biography of the band and reviews of their albums. CDNow also has thousands of videos in VHS, DVD, and laserdisk formats for sale.

NEW The new album by Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitation is out now. The album is entitled To Put It Bluntly and it has some major funk on it!


In Your Face
Truth And Soul
The Reality Of My Surroundings
Give A Monkey A Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe
Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
Fishbone 101: Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' The Fonkay
Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx

Soundtracks and Compilations:
The Mask
Play It To The Bone Soundtrack
[NEW]Plea for Peace -- Angelo Moore has a poem ("You're My Favorite Nigger") on this comp.
Richard Blade Presents: Vol. 1-Flashback Favorites
Rhythm Come Forward Vol 2
Ska Island
Black Box
Weed Plant
Back To The Beach


Soundstone has thousands of albums to choose from. The above link goes to their Fishbone page. They have all of Fishbone's albums for sale.

Ska-T-Boy Discs

Ska-T-Boy is a ska, punk and swing music shop. They have the following albums with Fishbone on them:

V/A - Ska Island
V/A - Steady Sounds from the Underground
V/A - Step On It: The Best of The Ska Parade Radio Show
V/A - West Coast Skampolation


Cryptographics has a bunch of music posters. At least one of which is Fishbone.

A to Y Productions

A to Y Productions is the production company of Tazy from the Ska Parade radio show in California. To get in touch with A to Y Productions, go to
The following products are Fishbone related:

CD - Step On It: The Best of The Ska Parade Radio Show
This CD has Angelo doing a song.

Video - The Delusional Quandaries of Doctor Madd Vibe
One (1) hour, VHS Video (A to Y Productions)

Angelo Moore/Dr. Madd Vibe of Fishbone
performs his original short stories, poetry, & music
depictin' his personal bouts & triumphs with Fishbone,
the music industry and his own private life in the ultimate challenge
and quest to rest with the truth and soul, peace and love within.

Original soundtrack by Angelo Moore of Fishbone!
Produced & directed by Albino Brown.