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May 7, 2004:
I've been out of the Fishbone loop, so I haven't had much Fishbone news to talk about. I've put some tour dates up for Fishbone and the Soul Of John Black. If you haven't heard, there's going to be a double CD/DVD released of Fishbone's performance at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. The DVD is scheduled to be released July of 2004. For more info, check out the page or if that link is down see my copy of this article.

I thought I had some more info, but I can't remember what it was! It must have not been too important. I'll let you know if I remember it. :)

November 4, 2003:
I don't know if any of you have heard, but there's going to be some changes with Fishbone. I haven't posted any info on this since I never had reliable info. I'll try to give you the short version. :) Apparently a couple of the guys in the band aren't happy with the way things are going, so they are going to be leaving the band. I heard that Fishbone was going to break up and then maybe regroup at a later date. Now here's the info I've gotten (some of this info is from someone who talked with Norwood). Walt and Spacey T have left the band. The band is not going to break up, but they are going to take some time off. Who knows how long that will last (especially since I saw a few November dates on Pollstar?). Angelo, Norwood, and Steward are supposed to be joined by Brewster (who was in the band a few years ago), Rocky George from Suicidal Tendencies, and Torri Ruffin from The Time. That's all the info I have right now. I'll try to keep you all updated with what's going on.

Mar. 9, 2003:
Sony's Legacy Recordings is releasing " The Essential Fishbone." Party At Ground Zero
Skankin' To The Beat
When Problems Arise
Freddie's Dead
It's A Wonderful LIfe (Gonna Have A Good Time)
A Movement In The Light
Bonin' In The Boneyard
Unyielding Conditioning
Everyday Sunshine
Fight The Youth
Ma And Pa
Lemon Meringue
Lyin' Ass Bitch
Sunless Saturday
Oct. 5, 2002:
I finally got a ligit copy of Fishbone's Canadian and European tour schedule! Fishbone is currently touring Canada. The European leg of the tour runs thru the end of November.

Sept. 1, 2002:
Fishbone is going to be going on a European tour soon! I have a bunch of dates, but no venues. Once I get some more concrete details, I'll post them on the page. I've also updated the tour dates with more US and Canadian dates. I've recently finished updating my ska pages and will be working on touching up my Fishbone pages soon.

May 28, 2002:
I haven't seen anymore info on the live Temple Bar CD, but CDNOW is preordering it. Here's a link to the "Live at the Temple Bar and More" CD.

April 30, 2002:
Well, I haven't written in awhile, but at least when I do write there is great news! Fishbone will be releasing a live CD in June! There is supposed to be a DVD coming out shortly after the CD too. I believe that the CD is named "Live at the Temple Bar and More." Some of the songs are as follows:

Skank 'N Go Nutts
Down Boy
Are U Wit' It
In The Heat Of Anger
Get Out Of The City
Last Days, Critical Times. Hard To Deal With
D'Man 'N Hear

I'll post more info when I get it.

February 15, 2002:
I saw Fishbone last Monday and they put on one heck of a show! They're selling the new EP at the shows for $10. It's a pretty cool CD. Anyway, for all you Canadian soldiers, Fishbone has just released 21 new Canadian dates! Check out the Tour Dates section for the current listings.

January 19, 2002:
You can now advance order Fishbone's new EP from Just follow this link to the Friendliest Psychosis Of All. The EP comes out on Feb. 19th.

January 9, 2002:
Fishbone has an EP coming out next month! It is called "Friendliest Psychosis of All" and will contain songs that didn't make the last album! The song they did with Primus, a 20 minute jam, and another song are on the EP. I'll post more info as soon as I get it.

November 3, 2001:
On October 28th, Brian Vogel, the drum tech. and merchandise seller for Fishbone, was hit by a car and killed. I never personally met him, but from what people have said about him, he was a great person. My condolences go out to all of Brian's family and friends. Check this article out for more info.

August 4, 2001:
I'm working on redoing the format of all of the Atomic Underground. I should have been putting up all this new info! I've got more information here than you can shake a stick at! These are going to be in no apparent order.

-John McKnight left the band last month to go work on one of his other projects. As far as I know, Fishbone isn't looking for a replacement for him.

-The Fishbone/Powerball split CD is still in the works. Powerball replaced a couple of members and is going on tour with the Circle Jerks and U.S. Bombs and Fishbone is still recording tracks for it. As I said before, this CD will only be available thru subscriptions to the magazine. I'll be giving a couple away on my site. Stay tuned for more info.

-I noticed a couple weeks ago that I had my old email address linked to the page. Sorry about that. It's been fixed. Feel free to email me. :)

-Fishbone will be filming for a new movie called "Everything Went Nuttz". Eric Barret (the producer of Tapeheads) will be working with Fishbone on this project. Two live shows at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica on Aug. 23 & 24 will be used in the movie (I wish I had the cash to make it down to Santa Monica). These two shows will be of ALL NEW material!

-Fishbone is no longer on Hollywood Records. Fishbone will be releasing an EP in October that will feature songs that Hollywood Rec. wouldn't release. The three songs are the one they did with Primus, George Clinton, Lonnie, Blowfly..., a song called "Let Them Hoes Fight," and a 20 minute live jam with Angelo's spoken words called "Tttoo Much Information." More on that later...

-If you didn't catch Fishbone's last tour, they played (at least) four new songs: Frey'd Fuckin Nerve Endings, Primadawnutt, Skank 'n Go Nutz, and Last Moments, Critical Times. Mike caught these songs at the BC show. I'm going to be rotating these MP3s into the audio section of my page. I don't have enought space to put all of these songs up at once, so I'll only be putting one up at a time. I'll try and leave the song up for a week and a half before rotating it.

-Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitation will be going on tour soon with Professor Griff's (of Public Enenemy) new project. Madd Vibe will be hosting the show. The tour is being planned for September. recently did a two part article on Fishbone. Here's the links to the pages:
Article Part 2
Crap...I need to dig up the link to Part 1 still... Anyway, I hope that this is enough new shit for you. I'll be posting more soon. :) Hopefully the new pages will be up soon as well! Once I get the basic format down, it should be pretty easy to transfer all of my pages over.

February 19, 2001:
The votes are in from the 2001 Black Rock Raves Awards and Fishbone actually won four of them!! Congratulations guys!

January 13, 2001:
Why is it that whenever I have time to work on this page something always comes up and ruins it for me?? Last time it was getting a new job, now I'm moving in to a new apartment! If you haven't checked the tour dates in awhile, do so. I have changed them around in that there are more options on that page. When applicable, I have links to buying tickets online, looking at a map of the venue, looking at the venue's web page or checking out other events in the city that Fishbone is playing in. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Now, onto Fishbone news. Angelo is in a couple magazines this month. First off, there is an interview in Mac Directory. There is also a picture in Urb Magazine. Also, hot off the presses, I have just got word that Fishbone will be in next months issue of TruckStop Magazine (it's a skateboarding magazine). There will be an interview with Fishbone and a bunch of new pictures. TruckStop magazine will also be releasing a split CD with Fishbone and PowerBall called Bonin' & Ballin'. Stay tuned for more info.

November 16, 2000:
Quick!! Right now Fishbone is playing in Buenes Aires. It's a live broadcast (I just found out halfway thru the show!)!!

November 14, 2000:
Doesn't it always seem like I have an excuse as to why I don't ever get these pages updated in a timely manner? Well, I have a great excuse this time! I finally found a (new) job!! Ha! I'm trying to adjust to working the 9-5 shift (if you didn't know, I used to work graveyard shifts!). I have a lot of things I'm going to try to get updated on these pages. I'm finally digitizing the Nuttstalk pictures from last February. After that I'll be getting the Dr. Madd Vibe pictures from July scanned. And then I have some other stuff I'm going to work on. In the mean time, check out this stuff:

-Dr. Madd Vibe's CD Angelo Moore Is Dr. Madd Vibe is out now on Asian Man Records. You can either buy it from the Record or CDNOW (which has it for only $8.49 right now!).

-John Bigham's side project The Soul of John Black has a couple MP3s at

-Fishbone is putting some music together for a cartoon by Platinum Studios. The cartoon is called "The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius."

-Platinum Studios is also going to be producing a partially animated video for "Where'd You Get Those Pants."

-Fishbone's also been filming footage (live and other) for a video for "The Suffering."

October 4, 2000:
The new album by Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations is out now! You can order the CD, To Put It Bluntly now from CDNow. Triple-X Records and CDNow both have audio clips from the new album. It sounds damn funky!

September 13, 2000:
I just have to say sorry for not keeping up on these pages as much as I should be. I'm restoring a 1961 Vespa and I've been trying to get it ready to be painted. I was trying to get it up and running for this weekends rally, but it's not going to happen. Plus I've been out trying to find a real job. In the meantime, here's some news for you. Fishbone appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne last night. They played "Shakey Ground." I wish I would have known about it because then I would have been able to list it here AND I would have been able to watch it myself! :( On Oct. 3, "To Put It Bluntly," the new album by Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations will be released on Triple-X Records. Check out their news section for more information on the album.

June 18, 2000:
The Dr. Madd Vibe site is now up and running. The address is
And while you're checking out that page, check out my Dr. Madd Vibe page also. Just keep in mind that it's not finished yet!

Angelo has a poem, "You're My Favorite Nigger," on the upcoming Plea for Peace CD. You can buy it thru Asian Man Records or thru CDNow (who has it for $3 currently, this may change).

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