New Tour Dates!

January 2005
12 OR Bend Domino Room
13 OR Eugene The JUngle
14 OR Portland Mount Tabor Pub
15 WA Tacoma Hell's Kitchen
16 WA Spokane Fat Tuesday's Concert Hall
18 ID Boise Blues Bouquet
19 ID Twin Falls The Ballroom
20 WY Rock Spings SAnta Fe Trails
21 UT Salt Lake City Club Vegas
22 CO Colorado Springs Classics
23 CO Denver Carvantes
24 CO Fort Collins Aggie Theater
26 CO Vail 8150 Club
28 NV Sateline Club Nero - Causars Tahoe
29 CA Sacramento Blue Lamp
30 CA San Jose The Blank Club
February 2005
03 HI Honolulu Pipeline Cafe
04 HI Honolulu Pipline Cafe
16 FR Paris Le Nouveau Casino
17 FR Le Havre L'Agora
18 FR Niort Espace Culturel Leclerc
19 FR Le Garric / Blaye Les Mines Festival Rock 'n Tarn
20 FR Limoges CCM John Lennon
21 FR Six Fours Les Plages Espace André Malraux
22 FR Monpellier Le Rockstore
23 FR Clermont Ferrant La Coopérative de Mai
24 FR Orléans L'asrolabe
25 BE Brussels Le Botanique
26 FR Beauvais L'Ouvre Boîte
27 FR Dijon Le Vapeur
March 2005
01 CH Genève Undertown
02 FR Lyon Le Ninkasi Kao
03 FR Strasbourg La Laiterie
04 FR Mulhouse Le Noumatrouff
05 FR Magny Le Hongre File 7
06 FR Sannois EMB
07 FR Bretigny sur Orge Le Rackam
09 FR Rennes Ubu
10 FR Nantes L'Olympic
11 FR Le Mans Oasis
12 FR Mont de Marsan Ter à Terre Festival
April 2005
23 LA New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
-Dr. Madd Vibe Dates-
-The Soul Of John Black-
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Old Tour Dates

1995 Tour with Weapon Of Choice
1996 Tour for "Chim Chim's Badass Revenge"
October 1996 to May 1997
July 1997 to November 1997
January 1998 to December 1998
February 1999 to December 1999
February 2000 to November 2000
November 2000 to December 2001
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