The Atomic Underground

In the latter months of 1994, the Atomic Underground was born out of my love for the "Baddest Band In The World:" Fishbone. I originally created these pages because there was no one source of information on the Net about Fishbone. I found bits and pieces of information on the Net, added a bunch of my own knowledge of Fishbone, had some help from other fans, and thus began the Atomic Underground.

Now five years later, these pages never reflected my first intentions. This was mainly due to lack of time; being a full-time student and working 25 hours a week doesn't leave me with much free time. Running two other web pages doesn't help any either, but I am always updating these pages when I have the time.

And thus I bring you my tribute to the Best and most underrated, underappreciated band in the world...Fishbone.



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