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Northwest Ska Bands

This is the list of northwest ska bands I have. I was planning on only having Oregon bands on here, but I expanded it a bit because some bands from Washington and Idaho asked to be on it also. I'm basically going to keep this a page for Oregon bands, but if you have a band in WA or ID let me know and I'll get you on this page. If you have a band anywhere else in the world, please let me know and I'll get you on the links page.

Current Bands

5th Business [Ashland]
The Accelerators [Eugene]
The Cherry Poppin' Daddies [Eugene]
Chump Change [Vancouver, WA]
Cornerstone [Vancouver, WA] (Formerly know as the Feds)
The Diablotones [Seattle, WA]
The Disliked [Walla Walla, WA]
Easy Big Fella [Seattle, WA]
Engine 54 [Olympia, WA]
Franceska [Portland]
The Jerks [Olympia, WA]
Keep The Change [Dayton]
Men In Tyz! [Newberg]
Miami Airlines [Eugene] (ex-members of Lando Calrissian, Varicoasters, 007, and Readymen)
The Mosquitones [Boise, ID]
Nothing Wasted [Vancouver, WA]
Off The Subject [Medford]
Plan B [Vancouver, WA]
Pocketface [Eugene]
The Redeemers [Portland]
The Ted Dancin' Machine [Portland]
The Skamatiks [Salem]
10 Minutes Down [Spokane, WA]
Think McFly [Portland]
The Tripods [Seattle, WA]
Toby [Spokane, WA]
Turbo Jones [Everett, WA]
Uprite Dub Orchestra [Portland]
West Side Skafia [Salem]
Yes Have Some [Vancouver, WA]

Ska bands of the past

The Adversaries [Roseburg]
The B Sharps [Dayton, OR]
Crazy 8's [Portland]
Double-O-Seven [Eugene: ended 7/01]
Lando Calrissian [Eugene]*
The Lounge Derbies [Eugene]
Lucky 7 Swing Ensemble [Eugene] (previously The Scandals, previously Inspector #37)
'Mad Sam' DeStefano [Salem]
The Readymen [Eugene]
Ten Dollar Mic [Corvallis]
The Varicoasters [Eugene]
The W's [Corvallis: ended 12/00]

* - I'm not sure if these bands broke up or not, but since they haven't played a show in years I'm assuming that they have.