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In the mid 90s, Oregon had a couple record labels that were dedicated to ska. Simmerdown Productions was started by DJ Simmerdown in Portland. This label was started around 1995 or 1996. I believe that Simmerdown Productions is still active although no CDs hav been released in a few years. Tuf Guy Productions was started by Pauly Atomic from Ten Dollar Mic. Pauly's label started in 1998 and pretty much ended the same year. Tuf Guy Productions was based in Salem. If you have a label that you want in this section please let me know. The "Other Labels" section is for music released by Oregon bands in which the label is not in Oregon or the band released it on their own.

Most of the following CDs are probably out of print. Please contact the label or band before buying any of these. This is supposed to be a section to let you know what music is available by local bands; it is not meant to be a catalog. Prices may change or the albums could be out of print so please contact the label before ordering anything!

Simmerdown Productions:

SDP001 : V/A - Land of the Bigfoot Ska: Ska From Bigfoot Country

SDP002 : V/A - Girls Go Ska

SDP003 : Franceska - Modern Music For Dancing Lovers

SDP004 : Engine 54 - Run For The Money

SDP005 : The Sauce Unlimited - Greetings From The Fourth Floor

SDP006 : The Skanksters - Dub Cookery

SDP007 : The Disliked - Time I Had

SDP008 : The Secretaries - S/T

SDP009 : Eric Blowtorch & His Superpowers - Flame On

SDP010 : Skasmopolitan - They're Only Shoes

Coming soon:

SDP011 : V/A - Land of the Bigfoot Ska 2

SDP012 : V/A - Simmerdown Label Sampler

SDP013 : Franceska - Got Stuck With The Bill [EP]

SDP014 : V/A - Girls Go Ska 2

Tuf Guy Productions:

TGP-001 : V/A - Listen Up Sonny: Oregon Ear Candy

TGP-002 : 10 Dollar Mic - Rising Sun

Other labels:

Double-O-Seven - More of Me... Less of You

The Readymen - Restless

The Readymen - Show Hall Bound

The Varicoasters - She Loves Me Not

Compilations with NW bands that aren't listed above:

Vol. 3-Hey Brother Can You Spare Some Ska [The Diablotones, Franceska]

Love & Affection: Ska In The Key Of Love [Franceska]

More Oar [Engine 54]

New Sounds Of Ska [The Readymen]

Skanarchy III [The Readymen]

Spawn Of Skarmageddon [Engine 54]

Tribute To Madness [Skanksters]


Check out these advance order items through Amazon.com. You buy them now and they will be in your mailbox on the release day. Remember, the release date CAN change, but that is the record company's fault. :) I started to compile a list of previous Amazon.com Advance Orders.

Barnes And Nobles

Ska, Skinhead, Reggae Books

Reggae Bloodlines

Roots Rock Reggae: An Oral History of Reggae Music from Ska to Dancehall

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Haynes Vespa Scooters Owners Workshop Manual, No. 126: '59-'78

Haynes Vespa P-Px125, 150 & 200: Scooters, 1978 to 1995

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