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Oregon Ska Page

Welcome to the Oregon Ska Pages. Once again I got bored with the old pages and reformatted them all. These pages look best when viewed at 800 x 600 resolution using Internet Explorer. For some reason the tables do not come out correctly in Netscape. Also, I have not made a style sheet for Netscape. I'm working on getting these pages to be compatible with Netscape.

When I first got into ska, there was no place you could go to find information on the Oregon ska scene. I started the Oregon Ska Pages in 1995 in order to fill the information gap. We never did have a big ska scene, but I thought there needed to be a place where people could find information about our scene.

These pages are mostly complete. There are a few new pages that I'm still collecting info for. They will always be a work in progress.

Thank you for checking out my website. I hope that you find them informative and useful! If you have anything that should be on this website, please email me with the info. Or you can just email me and let me know what you think of the pages! Thanks for checking my pages out!


October 16, 2004:
First off I have to appologize for not keeping the calendar up-to-date over the past couple of months. I bought a house a few months ago and got married last month, so life has been a little hectic for me! Anyway, I finally got this month's calendar up. I totally missed the Beerzone show in Corvallis a couple of weeks ago. Beerzone is a wicked Oi! band from Germany, at least I think that they're from Germany... :) Anyway, we've got a few good ska, reggae and punk shows coming up this month. One of the shows is tonight; the show is at Solid State in P-Town and is part of the Ska Is Dead tour. Mustard Plug, Catch 22, The Planet Smashers and The Ted Dancin' Machine will all be playing tonight! I've got to bolt, but I should be keeping things up-to-date now that life has slowed down a bit .

June 21, 2004:
It looks as though July is going to be a good Ska month for Oregon! Besides General Rudie, Monkey, and the Debonaires, we're also going to have a ska show in Eugene that is made up of all Oregon bands! The Ted Dancin' Machine (from P-Town), Sweater Club (from Salem), and Mastro3 (from Eugene) will be playing at Cozmic Pizza on July 5th. Check out the calendar for all these great shows! Don't forget to support your local ska scene!

June 9, 2004:
I haven't had a chance to update my web page in a while. Life has been pretty crazy for me recently. Anyway, I've actually updated the calendar for June and have these little tidbits for you all.

-Supposedly Coxsonne Dodd (from Studio One fame) passed away on May 5, 2004. He died from a heart attack in Kingston. Coxsonne Dodd was a crucial element within the ska and reggae community. His presence will be surely missed.

-On a better note, we've actually got some ska bands coming thru Oregon. General Rudie and Monkey are coming to both Eugene and Corvallis on July 12th and 13th, respectively. General Rudie is from Montreal Canada. They played in Eugene a couple of years ago to a very sparse crowd. They're a very upbeat and soulful traditional 3rd Wave ska band. They have a similar sound to The Slackers. Monkey is a ska band from southern California. I've never heard them, so I can't tell you what they sound like. The Debonaires are supposed to be playing a show in Portland on the 13th of July as well. The Debonaires are a traditional ska band from southern California. I don't have any info on this show except for the date. The Debonaires ARE looking for a place to crash after the show. If you've got some space for the guys, please let me know. Watch the calendar for more info on these shows. If you like good music, come support these bands!

April 13, 2004:
If you were on my mailing list, Ground Zero, please read this! My ISP lost a hard drive last week and lost all info on their mailing lists. They've recreated some of the lists and added a few people back on my list, but there's a bunch of people who have not been added to the list. If you didn't receive an email from me today and want to be back on the list, please visit my site and subscribe to the list again. The link is on the left-hand side.

January 12, 2004:

I received an email from the aXis Florida Music Festival 2004. They're accepting applications for bands, labels, and promoters.

January 24, 2003:
There's a last-minute show scheduled for Good Times tomorrow in Eugene. Filibuster is going to be playing. See the Calendar for more info. I've heard from some people and we may be having some more ska shows soon! We'll only be able to have shows here as long as people show up for them. hint hint. ;)

September 25, 2002:
EFN recently changed to a new mailing list program. Everyone who was on the list before is still signed up, but if you've signed up to my mailing list in the last couple weeks and didn't get any notifications, then please sign up again. I've updated my link in the menu area to point to the correct sign-up page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

September 23, 2002:
If you missed the Eugene Celebration this year, you really missed out. There was a bunch of great bands there. I'll be putting up some reviews soon. I also took a bunch of pictures of Miami Airlines, Norma Fraser, Pocketface, and The Daddies. I'll be getting those up as soon as I get them back from the developer. There's a Eugene ska band looking for a new singer, so if you're interested check out the classifieds page. If you're interested in learning about how to play ska, The Oregon Festival of American Music's (OFAM) American Music Institute (AMI) is the place to be. Classes start on Monday, Sept. 30th and runs for 10 weeks. Class runs from 6:30-8:00pm. The cost is $95. To register or to inquire for more information, please call 687-6526 and ask for Penny.

August 1, 2002:
After months of saying that I was going to update these pages, I have finally got them done! At least they are for the most part. I'm adding some new sections to my web site that I am still working on. There is now a classifieds section for bands looking for members or people looking for bands to join. There will also be a section with info on booking shows. And lastly there will be a new page with concert reviews.

If you see any errors on these pages or have any information that should be added to them, please email me.

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