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This is the LINE AROUND THE WORLD. It's an effort to get people all around our beautiful planet to be nice to each other. The way it works is this: a list is being kept, in exact order, of people who have registered to be part of the LINE. Each person connects to the person in front and in back of her/him on the list, forming one long LINE around the Internet. The cool part is that all the people who include themselves in this LINE are honor-bound to go out of their way to perform an act of goodness. This could be anything from giving a donation to the charity of your choice, to making lunch for the homeless person out on the corner, to complimenting everyone you meet for a month, to volunteering at your local hospital. It's different for different people, but all these people want to do something to make life happier and better. If you might like to join, click on the LINE for more information. CLICK ON THE ARROWS TO TAKE YOU TO OTHER FOLKS ON THE LINE.

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