Holy Modal Rounders

The Rounders were formed in 1961 by Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel in New York City's Greenwich Village, where they played on the streets and in the coffee houses with such acts as The Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and the Fugs. In 1963, the Fugs and the Rounders merged. They toured the northeastern states, and recorded several records. In 1967, Peter and Steve got together with pianist Richard Tyler and drummer Sam Shepard (who went on to become a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and internationally known actor). They recorded an album on the ESP label and moved to L.A. with a contract from Elektra Records. "If You Want To Be A Bird" from the Elektra record was included in the movie "Easy Rider", and the resulting soundtrack sold over one million copies. The Rounders appeared on the TV show "Laugh-In" before moving back to New York. In 1970, Robin Remailly and Dave Reisch joined, and the band relocated to Boston, adding Ted Deane, Roger North, and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (who later played with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers). Sometime around this period Micheal Hurley appeared and disappeared. They toured the East Coast, where they met and travelled with Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm commune. When the Hog Farm was sent by Stuart Brand (Whole Earth Catalog) to the U.N. Environmental Conference in Stockholm, Sweden as the Alternative U.S. Delegation, the Rounders went as the "house band" and spent much of 1972 touring Europe. Returning to the U.S., the band went on a six year bus tour around the states and southern Canada. Portland, Oregon became their base of operations, and many of the former members still reside there.

The six piece band broke up in 1979, and Steve Weber (guitar and vocals) and Dave Reisch (bass and vocals) have been playing as a duo since then. Peter Stampfel (fiddle, banjo, and vocals) sometimes joins them on the East Coast and Robin Remailly (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and vocals) joins them in the West.

Steve has moved back to the East Coast as of April of '96, much to the disappointment of those of us here in the West that enjoyed having him to ourselves for so long!!

Now the Rounders have a meeting place for all their friends and family, with our very own newsgroup. If your interested in the continuing saga of Weber,Stampfel, or Hurley, point your browser to: and sign on. 


The Holy Modal Rounders, Prestige 1963

The Holy Modal Rounders II, Prestige 1964

Village Fugs, ESP-Disk 1965

The Fugs First Album, ESP-Disk and Broadside 1966

Virgin Fugs: For Adult Minds Only, ESP-Disk 1967

Fugs Four, Rounders Score, ESP-Disk 1967

Indian War Whoop, ESP-Disk 1967

The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders, Elektra 1968

Good Taste Is Timeless, Metromedia 1970

Alleged In Their Own Time, Rounder 1972

Have Moicy, Rounder 1974

Boobs-A-Lot (single, #1 in L.A.), Metromedia 1975

Last Round, Adelphi 1976

Going Nowhere Fast, Rounder 1979

Are(n't) They Gone Yet?, Phantasy 1989*

Holy Modal Rounders, "Too Much Fun!", Rounders Records 1999

Appeared on compilation albums:

Soundtrack from Easy Rider, Dunhill 1969

Dr. Demento's Delights, 1975

Blues In The Bottle, Big Beat (London, England) 1988

Troubadours Of The Folk Era, Rhino 1992

...and still going!!!

For those who wish to contact Weber, at his Mom's house, the address is: steve weber, box 122 Buckingham,PA 18912 (215)794-7916 and his moms' name is Jean Fisher

*Cassette availible thru:Vern Smith, Phantasy Audio & Video Production, P.O. Box 13474, Portland Or 97213***

Please,only orders for Cassettes thru this Voice phone:(503)248-7916 Vern doesn't want to return calls!! 

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