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Aerie has Moved On!

High School Curriculum . . .
. . . Alternative Approach

...an independent, accredited alternative school
Please direct questions and comments to danr@efn.org

Aerie Academy has closed

For many years Aerie Academy was a school providing an alternative high school program. Aerie Academy now turns its attention to providing follow-up services for its alumni.

This website may be used to communicate with the Aerie Academy administration and to leave messages for alumni. Please direct comments and content to

Correspondence may be addressed to:

Aerie Academy
P.O. Box 5770
Eugene, OR 97405

The records of the school will be kept by Dan Ridder.
He may be reached at
P.O. Box 5770, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: 541-579-7175.

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Enrollment at Aerie Academy -- CLOSED

There are currently NO OPENINGS for new students or faculty at Aerie Academy.