Computers and Electronic Communications

We used to talk about electronic democracy. Instead we've created electronic anarchy. The Internet is the kind of anarchy one would expect of a system developed in an excessively free-enterprise, "law of the jungle" culture. It starts out as a soma to the counter-culture, As did a lot of other things, but ends up as just one more aspect of the ongoing oligarchy.

Electronic Consensus, The Coming Revolution in Democracy (22 KB, last updated 4/8/03)

Suggestions for Electronic Communications Improvements (17KB)

Graphic User Interfaces are fun and easy to learn, but slower to actually use than keyboard commands. The mouse, and its relatives, are usually a way to use one hand to push virtual keys, rather than one finger to push real keys.

Evolution of computer keyboards, displays and other human-computer interfaces (12 KB) would be a big step in evolution of human-human communication.

The information Age doesn't support ownership of information.

Suggestions for Software Designers

The Politics of Standards

The Computerized TV Guide

Concerns about Virtual Reality

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