Concern about Virtual Reality

The enthusiasm about virtual reality worries a lot of people. Imagination was the first form of VR. Since then we've had enhancements - cave paintings, art galleries, the printed word, plays, movies, TV etc., and now "VR". All of these only serve to focus our imagination. Every new tool goes through an immature phase (and never completely leaves it) before meaningful uses become prominent.

My concern is that at present all forms are "de-maturing", more and more emphasizing entertainment rather meaningful information and communication. (I include business activities in general as satisfying needs somewhere between entertainment and greed.) I think this de-maturing is a result of people giving up hope of "saving the world". That's probably realistic, at least within foreseeable future. But what's the point of continuing to play the game of life if you don't play it to win? Keep in mind that life is a "non-zero-sum game". Me, or everyone, winning isn't dependent on anyone losing, and vice versa.

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Dan Robinson,, Eugene, Oregon
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