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"E-Consensus", The Coming Revolution in Democracy (22 KB, updated 4/8/03), my main project for about the last four years. A compilation of ideas on a new form of electronic forum to make consensus process work for all sizes of groups.

New and Unusual Perspectives on Creating World "Government" (18 KB, 4/24/00)

We need a stronger global government to deal with global problems. Present world and national politics is not far advanced over the law of the jungle. (12 KB, 12/23/95)

Jobs and profits created by an industry never were or will be valid justification for said industry. If full employment must remain a high priority, we must create more inefficiency in order to create more jobs. (4/3/98)

"Create jobs" sounds a lot like "make-work", a very inefficient form of welfare for corporations and government bureaucrats as well as workers. Let's get honest and recognise that we live in a welfare culture, and build a welfare system based on "Socialized Distribution of Necessities" , that will work for the whole human community. (9 kb, 3/10/03)

Dynamic Taxation allows government control of economic forces and statistical numbers, but also individual freedom.

When the future looks dark, (9 KB) what's the intelligent personal response to living in an aging, disintegrating culture? ('98?)

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