Problems with the Drive for Full "Employment"

Webster says: "employ' v.t.: To occupy the time, attention and labor of; to keep busy or at work; use, hire"

Let's add the following to Mr. Webster's definition: To cause one to expend effort, in exchange for money, in pursuit of someone else's goals, with no mention of contribution to society or long term social value. Prostitution (in the broad sense).

It seems pretty basic to say that efficiency means accomplishing goals with less work. If more employment must remain a high priority, then we must find more inefficient ways to run our society in order to create more jobs, and we do this very well. The drive for full "employment", known on the personal level as the Rat Race, causes, and seems to justify, many of today's problems. These include:

Inflation and Labor Disputes;
"Wars and Rumors of Wars";
Shortages and Degradation of the Environment;
Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Classism and
Lack of Recognized Purpose in Life.

But there are Alternatives.

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Dan Robinson,, Eugene, Oregon
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