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(This is how my interactive web page which will allow voting might look eventually. Most links don't work, and though voting options may seem to work, nothing gets recorded, just yet.)
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(but these are not real counters, and the real figures are unknown.
The Question: Do we need a revolution in our large scale decision-making procedures? (Additional text is optional, but haven't you already heard enough of that in the past year(s)?)

(Since you can't really vote yet [but you can send email], here are three questions related to this voting system, possible elaborations, practical only when using computers. Of course, if you were actually voting, you could only vote on one issue per page.)

1. Should there be a set of maybe 10 test questions relating to the text of the question up for vote, to indicate if voter actually read and understood the text? One's voting power would then be proportional to the number of right answers, plus one, or maybe proportional to the square root of that number. Going back and checking the text would be okay.

2. In this system, one can vote either privately or publically. I feel our culture of privacy and secrecy tends to aid hypocrites and criminals most. Should those who vote publically receive more voting power than those who vote privately, because they are taking the risk of publically standing up for their values?

3. Should voters, especially public voters, have the option of answering other questions about themselves, so we can get some idea of how different kinds of people voted? Such information could be challenged by those who know them, but it could never be verified.

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For now, you'll have to send me your thoughts privately on the whole idea, the voting format or whatever. Yes, these links will work.

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