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This is a sample of how an interactive web page which allowed voting might look. The links and voting options won't actually work. If they did, you could vote either by clicking a "radio" button, or by pushing a real number key, rather than a "virtual key". Which you choose would also be recorded as a vote for one or the other mode.
Let's say this page would be for voting on use of the voting format below. The voter would call up the page with his web browser. In a formal voting system, his unique name (within a given precinct), email and associated password would already be recorded in a database. His vote(s), when submitted, would also be recorded with his name and email (if his vote was public), or with his "codeword" (if the vote was private). If he voted again on the same issue, his previous vote would be over-written, and the results recalculated. He could look at a list of the results of votes on different issues. He could go to any one issue and see how each "person", (whether represented by name or codeword) voted. He could add up the votes to see if the total was right. He could see that those totals were passed on to higher levels. He could also see the names of everyone in his "precinct", to be able to challenge possible invalid voters. Perhaps each voter would need to be known by at least two other registered voters to validate his eligibility. The option for typing in a vote would be much more viable if/when we have web browsers which allowed reaching a link or voting box via a hotkey, so we could just type in a letter of a box and the number of our vote.
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