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About Dan Robinson, and site summary.

FIRST (What's newest always seems most important, but this time it is.)
Running short of oil could save us from severe effect of GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE, or much more likely, greatly multiply them, with an END very much in sight.

Formerly First, my ideas for "Electronic Consensus" project (different from "electronic democracy"), hopefully some day to become a system where one can vote, comment and even create one's own polls on many social issues. Articles/polls will be "reviewed" by readers so later reader can filter them according to quality. Here's my philosophy on Electronic Consensus (22 KB, last updated 4/8/03). If you find it interesting, and you're a programmer with the spirit of "free" software, I'm looking for someone more familiar than myself with CGI script, java or whatever, to help make it work.

Now back to everything else.

I'm a writer, maybe philosopher, looking for better ways to express myself. I'm interested mainly in social change and alternatives in

Economics and Politics (index),

Computers, Electronic and other modes of Communications (index) ,

Other Pragmatic Technologies (index) ,

"Abstract" Science (index) ,

Pragmatic Morality (index),

Abstract Philosophy (index),

Community Lifestyles (index)

Sex, Love and Intimacy (index) (nothing too arousing here)


Something to interest and/or offend just about everyone.

My blog

> (Blog is currently under construction)

Other than my Electronic Democracy project above, My major projects have been , "Problems with the Drive for Full Employment" and New Perspectives on Creating World 'Government'" (18 KB). (and others, especially under Economics and Politics, above).

I'm an independent progressive. Keep in mind that no subject is an island. I'm a generalist rather than a specialist, a Jack of many trades. I do best in overlapping areas of knowledge and thinking the "unthinkable", those thoughts which are suppressed for most people by our socialization and culture.

At present, these are mostly "no exit" pages, taking you to other pages I've written. The one exception so far concerns the award-winning book, Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, a Bantam/Turner book. Now also, in the same vein, on http// find "Exposing the Limits of Thinkable Thought".

You may think I complain a lot. If you see something that looks like a complaint, take it as a comment on something ready for improvement.

You may think I'm sometimes "heartless", "cold-hearted" or "hard-hearted". What do these words really mean? How do they compare to "evil"?

If you like graphics, you may be bored in these pages. Some pictures are worth a thousand words. But I'm told 1000 words could include the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address. Whatever you may think of these, where can you find a picture with that kind of meaning? More often these days I think we look at the $$$ value of pictures, mainly for sales, promotion and entertainment, rather than meaningful idea and information exchange. As we get more into abstract thoughts, pictures come up short. We should carefully consider the Second Commandment, "Make no graven images". The literal text of it at first seems excessive, but it's about handing down traditions from one generation the next, which we do excessively, thereby slowing evolution of all kinds. Pictures are for the simple-minded.

I hope keeping these pages simple will mean they'll look their best whatever Web browser you use. Hyperlinks, not graphics, are the heart of WWW. Eventually some informational graphics might be found in separate files.

You may find some ideas repeated in different writings. I haven't completely adapted to the idea of hypertext and the ability to link to anything from anywhere.

I have nothing to sell, but I'm not against accepting donations (except letter bombs, electronic or otherwise) or possibly investments. See Technical Ideas.

Like all dynamic works of art, these pages are constantly under construction. Don't expect a finished product. The "Grand Opening" was on 95/9/13 (rational date notation). Sorry you missed it. Some sections are from writings back to 1982, when I got my first computer, or before that. I've updated them with varying frequency, this page most recently on 4/8/03.

Send me your thoughts.
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