The New Morality

Abortion (9 KB)

Aging in a Welfare Culture

Animal Rights vs. Human Rights. One ethic for all entities, with consideration for levels of consciousness.

Treatment of "Criminals" should not take the form of revenge for past acts. It should be more a matter of changing future behavior, but still, sometimes in the extreme.

Privacy and Secrets Are they worth the costs? (18K)

A New War on Drugs Decriminalize, tax according to real harm.

Gun Control: Tax mass production of weapons and ammo according to use designed for.

"Have a Heart" "Heartless" doesn't mean evil.

What is "Justice"? There is no true justice for past wrongs.

The Right to Choose Our Own Risks No mandatory motorcycle helmets, life jackets etc.

Controlling Vehicle Speeds


Blame Ourselves, or our Environment?

Thoughts on Terrorism

Thoughts on the O.J. Trial

Politically incorrect ideas:

The Meaning of "Equality"

Cultural Evolution and Racial Differences.