Blame Ourselves, or the Environment?

There are certain ideas of the human potential movement that I consider to be destructive and dangerous. One is the generalization that we each create our own reality, which translates directly to 'blame the victim.' If you understand anything about magic - about changing consciousness at will - you understand that there are ways that we can influence and shape the reality around us. But there are also some very powerful limitations, and ways in which our reality shapes us.'

Many people put too much blame on, and thereby give too much power to, their environment. But many more blame themselves too much, thereby also giving power to the environment. Of course it's POSSIBLE for anyone to change at least their perception of their environment in any way they see fit, if they want to badly enough. But the reality and perceptions they started out with make it much harder for some than for others. Maybe we could say that the "highest reality" is when we recognize the optimum "blame allocation".

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Dan Robinson,, Eugene, Oregon
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