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Pregnant & Without Maternity Coverage
in the State of California?

If so, you can access affordable health insurance through the California AIM Program The AIM Program covers:


If you are less than seven months (30 weeks) pregnant, have lived in California for the past six months, have a total family income that falls within the AIM income guidelines and do not qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal, Medicare or private insurance maternit y benefits or have a maternity deductible of over $500, you may qualify for AIM.


Eligible women are covered for all medically necessary health care services during pregnancy and for 60 days postpartum. Full health care services will be provided for the infant born from the pregnancy for the first two years of life. Women enrolled in the AIM Program will choose a health plan in their area that contracts with the State of California.


Women contribute 2% of their gross family income. Please refer to the income chart below to see if you are eligible. The pregnant woman applicant is counted as a family of two. The woman's contribution represents a small percentage of the actual cost o f the care. The State provides for the rest of the health care costs.
                      Your Total Cost for Pregnancy
                          and Baby's First Year 		

Family  Total Family                                  12 Monthly Payments	
Size       Income        (2% of total family income)     

  2   $20,061 to $30,090        Up to $602            Up to $50.15/month
  3   $25,181 to $37,770        Up to $756	           Up to $62.95/month
  4   $30,301 to $45,450        Up to $909            Up to $75.75/month
  5   $35,421 to $53,130        Up to $1,063          Up to $88.55/ month
  6   $41,441 to $62,160        Up to $1,243	         Up to $103.60/month

For information, please call Health Care Alternatives at: 1-800-433-2611

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