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The state of Florida has long served as a precedent for the United States in regards to midwifery. As a result, the Midwives Association of Florida was formed in 1979 in response to the growing need for birth options in the state of Florida. One of most important achievements to date of the MAF has been the passage of the Midwifery Practice Act (Chapter 467 of Florida State Statutes). This is one of the first laws that specifically regulate the practice of direct-entry midwives as primary care providers and as such, is setting important precendents nationwide.

Florida Licensed Midwives are the primary care providers of normal, low risk pregnant women. Florida Licensed Midwives also provide care to women with risk factors through a collaborative management agreement with a physician. This law is being used by other states as a guideline to establish regulation of direct-entry midwifery. This will help to increase the number of midwives in our nation.

MAF is celebrating the 65th year of Licensed Midwifery in Florida. The belief of MAF is that the functioning of excellent educational programs is the cornerstone of the midwifery profession. Our Association acts in an advisory capacity to midwifery training programs throughout North America. In order to expand expert and skilled midwifery care, we plan to introduce a bill this year which will:

  • provide Medicaid reimbursement for complete home birth services
  • modify the method of dispensing necessary medications needed for birth
  • increase the availability of clinical sites and experiences for students

The first issue would make home birth choice available to women of all economic levels. The second issue is a technical one, essential to the practice of midwifery and essential to do so within legal parameters. The third issue is critical to the success and survival of our states 4 midwifery programs (including the nation's only public institution program). Together these issues provide a broader base and a clearer definition of midwifery and the practice of birth management.

Our immediate and critical need is for money. A campaign for these issues costs a great deal in printing, postage, phone, fax and travel expenses. By September 30, 1996, the Midwives Association of Florida needs to raise $10,000 towards this effort. With your help we can reach this goal! Please look into your heart and send right now, to the address shown below, any donation you can afford. If 1,000 people send only $10, our goal is reached!

Donations of $25 or more include a membership in the Midwives Association of Florida as a supporting member. Benefits include a subscription to Heart Tones, the MAF newsletter.

Just print out this page and send us the information below with your donation.

Thank you for making a difference for midwifery!

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Please send :
Midwives Association of Florida
P.O.Box 557342
Miami FL 33255

For more information contact
Bess Raulerson


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